Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite winter dinner 2012

Homemade carrot ginger soup, roasted potato squares, local bread, and a side salad. 

This was made for us by some local friends and I have made this meal 20 times since! 

You can find the soup recipe HERE on my foodie board!  I substitute chicken stock with no chicken chicken stock.  And yes, there is such a thing.  I also add tons more ginger, YUM!  I garnish with fresh arugula, my fave!!

Now, this year I was let in on a little cooking secret (thank you Corie!) that I had not been privy to before!  Apparently, if you preheat your pan with some oil in the oven your potatoes WON'T STICK!!  What What!! I have successfully made oven baked potato fries at least twice a week all winter long!  Served with Annie's Organic Ketchup and super amazing black truffle salt courtesy of Chelsea Market Awesomeness and you have a winner!

So here is to a mildly cold snow(less) winter and its fantastic root vegetables!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Digits

Dear Noah,

Yesterday you turned ten years old.  Double digits.  A big deal.  We had a great day!

What stood out to me the most on your big day was the simple fact that not once, all day long, did you show one sign for anticipation of a gift.  This is not the first year this has happened and I assume not the last... each year it is a truly genuine display of your altruistic nature.  And then, way into the evening, when we did present you with a gift, you were uninterested due to the distraction of your father's toast to you...

Your tears of love and joy were in fact, a gift to us.

Now... you are not always selfless dear child.  Many days you can show a relentlessness like I have never seen.  Once you know of something you desire your intent to pursue it is exhausting.  Making me drive back into town because a fellow peer has acquired a quarter slot gem from the local supermarket fuels an annoyance in me that is so grand fire erupts...  HOWEVER, when truly put to the test you tend to come out on top.  You genuinely know what is right.  What is good.  What is important.  And that is not an easy thing to know OR to teach.  I am happy that you posses this inner compass.  I am proud of you in that.

Things I love about you at 10:

You have a great sense of humor kido.  I am not saying that I always get your humor or in the mood for it, but I am delighted that you have one.

Your studious nature.  You are always on top of your schoolwork, you always have interesting questions, your mind is alive and bright.

Your handsomeness.  I know you will roll your eyes at this one but it must be stated.

Your non competitive nature.  I LOVE this about you.

Your independence.  It is something to admire.  You are not aloof or untrustworthy.  I know you can walk your sister home from school and keep her safe at all costs.  When engaged in activity that isn't appropriate or safe you are able to walk away.  You are a silent leader.  This is a special attribute Noah, one that will allow you an amazing life...

Your heart.  Because it is honest.  Because you feel so deeply with it.

You are my first born, my only son, my biggest challenge, and the one who saved me.  You bring out the worst in me and inspire me to be better.  You teach me.  You know me.  You are everything and I love you unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Kido. 

 then, she {snapped}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My mister has three siblings and the one thing they all undoubtedly have in common is MUSIC.

The man pictured above has a reputation, in my eyes, for seeing talent in someone and going above and beyond to foster it.  An honorable way to be if you ask me.  Just this Christmas the Witt boys went for an overdue visit to the neighborhood music store Monty's.  This was the place where they were  shuffled to and from in their younger years, developing their a love for a musical instrument or two or four or eight.

The sister of the house was a dancer of course, she was her very own instrument.

I am forever envious of those who hold musical talent.  You see, where I lacked the natural ear for musical grace I could have made up with determination and practice.  But my grandmother will tell you, I also lacked the stamina for even 20 minutes at the piano despite her loving encouragement.

So I married a musician and prayed for the gene to be passed to my children.  And wouldn't you know it, they got it.  It is a beautiful thing you see.

So was I surprised to see an acoustic guitar presented to a soon to be 10 year old boy?   By non other than Mr. and Mrs. go for your musical dreams grams and papa?  Not in the slightest. 

I was however...


but the story does not end there...

The other side loves music too by the way, I just happened to get jipped.  And Grandpa Jay was so excited about the guitar that he has chipped in for some lessons!  Hooray!  And we found the perfect place to begin a lifetime journey.  And lessons began today.

But we cancelled.

hoping that the hand heals by next Tuesday at 3:15 and no metal doors jam any more hands...

Black and White Wednesday

Monday, January 16, 2012

A note from the Mister...

So, I certainly send very few emails - and I certainly don't like to demagogue (sic) - and to be honest, I'm not even sure if I believe that politics, congress, petitions, etc are anything more than a kabuki theatre distraction to ensure the masses that they have some form of participation in shaping their own destiny - but - that being said - the wonderful Socialist Senator from the Great State of VT has put forth a petition that seeks to correct one of the most erroneous mistakes in the legal history of these great United States - so - would you please be so kind as to sign this and pass it on to all like-minded, conscious, empathetic, intuitive folks you interact with via electronic communication - and believe with me for one moment that we, the people, can actually enact some form of good through the virulent cesspool that is our political system?

Much Love.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God I love the sky...

 ...especially when you have to look through the trees to see it.

Yesterday I was pacing around during the 3 0' clock hour not knowing what to do.  **There was plenty to choose from, believe me.  

My soon to be 10 year old says, "some times you just have to take a load off mom."

I paused...

So while Gabrielle played with two of her girlfriends in a locked room with too many American Girl Dolls, Noah played the Wii, and I got under a blanket and plugged into Hulu... for TWO HOURS!  

Yes Noah, thanks for the advice.  That was awesome.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DId I ever tell ya how I met the Doctor??

So there is this doctor, one who is dedicated to health and wellness, in a well rounded sort of way.  Of course, I receive emails from him quite often... ones with updates and recipes and personal family vacation know, the ones you sign up for **wink wink - not the kind that come from someone you actually know!


I did meet him once.

You can see him HERE in case you are teetering on knowing whom it is I speak of.  His name is Dr. Weil and he makes the most fantastic teriyaki dish in all the land.  It is not only the perfect choice on the menu for the taste buds but it also matches the decor!  And the iced green tea is just lovely.  and the edamame dumplings and the temphe burger and the greek hummus...

anyways... here is the meeting a long story short sort of way...

Papa, UK, Gabi goose (age 3.5) and me at a table at Dr. Weil's True foods eating this very dish.  Kiel spots a one Mr. Sam Fox, restaurant icon in the sonoran desert area.  We spot him dining with the one and only Dr. Weil only a few feet away.  I almost faint.  Kiel begs me not to do or say anything.  I agree, biting my lip.  Papa pays for our lunch (because he treated me to lunch weekly for years and they were some of the best afternoons I have ever had).  Kiel and Papa get up normally and exit the restaurant.  I try and follow suit.  I gather Gabrielle's 500 playthings and her blanket and my purse.  She hops down in her cute pigtails.  I turn to exit just as my fellow companions just did.  I knock the outdoor umbrella with my purse and it teeters to the point that it almost falls directly on the doctor and Mr. Fox and their guests.  After an eternity passes and the umbrella doesn't strike my health hero in the head at his own restaurant I see them all staring right at me.

So did I play it cool?

of course.

I proceeded to tell them all how amazing their new eatery was.  How much I enjoyed my lunch.  How much I loved Mister Weil.  How I thought eating out there in the same patio with him was like eating right next to Brad Pitt.  Yes, I said Brad Pitt... 

He smiled big and laughed and was super kind.  I heard one of them say that 'that was awesome' as I walked away.

Then I met Kiel at the car and told him all about it and when we were safe with in the closed doors and windows I screamed and shook my head all around.  Kiel laughed and was thankful he left before me.

and that's how I met the Doctor.


Monday, January 9, 2012

O dark thirty...

This is a picture of my warm car (thank you auto start) at 5:15 this Monday morning...
This a picture of the glowing doorway...

I hold the key to that door and that door holds:


a better me.

That 5 0' clock hour is tricky.  It can really betray you if you'll allow it to.  I tend to toss and turn in anticipation until about 4:45, then suddenly my pillows and blankets swallow me whole!  Then when the alarm sounds I am more comfortable than I had been all night!  

Then there is the pitch blackness... AND the frigid temperature!  

Last week I set my alarm all 5 days and went NOT ONE TIME. 

BUT, there is always today.  Today I set my intention and I followed through.  And I remembered what I have always known.  It feels good.  It feels better to move my body from 5 to 6 then it does to snooze thru.  I am happier for it at 8, 9, 10, etc...  At 3 0'clock not so much but have a new remedy for that...

Which brings me to THIS: 

My new ninja!

I went to Macy's with a gift card in hand.  What to buy, what to buy?  You can go in so many directions in that store.  It felt a bit dizzy when I thought about it.  My initial thought was to browse the make up (which I never have extra money for these days)...  I don't wear a lot of it but I do love my concealer and a little eye liner... keeps me looking a bit more alive while raising one particular boy and another smaller girl.  


 And the thought that came to mind was this...

Work on your yourself from the inside out Britt, you know that.  Why buy make up when you could drink your way to a tighter tummy, brighter skin, and a healthy smile.

Is anyone else resolving to be a healthier you this year?

PS: this is what got me going this morning...

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Epic Year.

In reflection of 2012 I realize what an epic year it has really been...

We moved to our Village officially on January 1st, the best decision we could have made. I fell in love with this view...

Brought the kids snowboarding for the very first time!

Met this special family who have made this village feel more like home than we could have ever imagined.

Bonded with winter root vegetables...

Ran into a farm and had a lovely early spring park dinner...

Watched SPRING come!!

Got super crafty and planned the most fantastic Easter celebration ever

I witnessed this...

I got a job and therefore started celebrating these...

I welcomed summer and its abundance of corn!!!


And survived yet another dance recital, PHEW!
Then my mom moved to The City, my very favorite city...

and we discovered this place... right down the street.

Then we had the most fantastic summer EVA!!

to be cont'd...

Today I am ...

Loving this beautiful face
Grateful that it snowed.
Excited for the weekend.
Wishing I was at the gym.
Sorry that my Mister is sick.
Hoping my kids do not get it!
Happy to see a certain toddler today.
Worried about my scratchy throat.
ELATED that Noah packed his own lunch last night!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling Blue...

I love a Monday and I love a New Year.  I love starting over/do overs/rewinds/and moving on.  I embrace change and live for new adventures.  

But amidst all the resolutions and exciting new year starts I am left feeling a bit like a lost bird.  I have my sights on many things but my take off gear is sputtering.

Today I am going to sew something.
Tomorrow I am going to go to the gym.
This weekend I am going to organize my closet.
This month I am going to celebrate my oldest child turning ten in a big way.

As for everything else ...

I am also going to be on the look out for these, because my Papa is sending some my way!!  And if you know me, I do not share when it comes to oranges that are shipped in a box. 


Monday, January 2, 2012

To celebrate...

a New Year and Ten Years passing.

Once upon a time I married a boy.  Today he is the man of my dreams.  

How does one celebrate such an monumental occasion? 

Luckily there are lots of options when you share an anniversary with the last night of the year.  People tend to gather together with light hearts and warm spirits.  So we just get to fit our celebration right in.

But ten years is a big one and I had to really think about what I was up for.  Did I want to share this night with anyone besides my Mister?  How did I see this night ahead of me?  What were my expectations...

I decided what I wanted was a night of intention.

So... this is how it went down.

Favorite flowers from my favorite shop.  A beautiful winter bouquet made by a beautiful flower connoisseur. Upon the pick up of our exquisite arrangement, flowers are not our only treat.  Chris is so engaging that you feel like you should pull up a chair and stay for the day.  She wished us a Happy Anniversary and a wonderful New Year and it was so lovely to see her.

I was thrilled to be invited to a most engaging dinner with our close friends Chris and Corie.  The food was nothing short of amazing, for many of the ingredients come right there from their farm.  Chris is a pizza maker extraordinaire and we all got to partake in the making of our very own.  
The bakery oven kept us toasty and the conversation kept us lively.  I made up some 2011/2012 questions for the table and we spent our chewing moments getting to know a bit more about each other and the year we had/hope for...  It was lovely.  We were thrilled to see Henry and Samantha there with their parents as well as Max, a dear friend of Noah's whom we thought was a perfect addition.  Thank you friends, for sharing in this special night...

Then to make our night, well... awesome, we sent a drift some Chinese lanterns, making wishes and marking this night in history.  It was nothing short of perfect.

and then I received my gift...and it was just lovely.

Our present to each other is a beautiful life in Vermont.  No diamonds, no gifts, no overnight stays... just the life we have always wanted to live.

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