Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dinner at the lake...

I mean seriously, the beauty...

It is intoxicating.

This is our new destination of choice during dinner time hours.

Last Friday we had the pleasure of some very special guests.   

And the sky, well...

it was on its very best behavior.  So we did the only thing we could do... 

 We ordered the oh so scrumptious Green Mountain pizza from our local pie shopThis place is the best and its owners Will and Christie are darling.  I love supporting their local shop.  They work hard and it shows!

Grams and Papa are here again, this time in a more summery kind of way.  The picnic on the beach was a perfect match for the weather as well as the mood.

They had only graced our doorway for a whole five minutes before they jumped into chores and other ridiculous nonsense, for the sake of us... it is commendable.  So aside from the lovely sunset meal we decided to relax at the Burlington Farmer's Market; an exciting place to be indeed.

We joined the Rookies Root Beer club last week at the Shelburne market.  We got great glasses and will receive $1 + $.50 refills all summer long! Sweeeet!
Papa is now an official member too and the boys chose the maple vanilla soda this time.

 The girls went old skool... my favorite really.

Next, the Mr. was so kind to let me gather a small bouquet.  I was happy visiting each floral vender, and then revisiting each, for a perfect match.  An afternoon made in heaven....

What a delightful way to enjoy the market.

The raging East Coast heat wave sent us home a touch earlier than I had planned, but that's okay.  We were full of delicious Root Beer and needed to get these beauties into some water!  

Mark and Jan took off on a summer adventure.  Maine is their destination, their plan; to see what happens!  You will never guess what they are coming back to do!!!

Grams and Papa + Witt Juniors + Arizona = Thirty Days!!!

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