Monday, January 2, 2012

To celebrate...

a New Year and Ten Years passing.

Once upon a time I married a boy.  Today he is the man of my dreams.  

How does one celebrate such an monumental occasion? 

Luckily there are lots of options when you share an anniversary with the last night of the year.  People tend to gather together with light hearts and warm spirits.  So we just get to fit our celebration right in.

But ten years is a big one and I had to really think about what I was up for.  Did I want to share this night with anyone besides my Mister?  How did I see this night ahead of me?  What were my expectations...

I decided what I wanted was a night of intention.

So... this is how it went down.

Favorite flowers from my favorite shop.  A beautiful winter bouquet made by a beautiful flower connoisseur. Upon the pick up of our exquisite arrangement, flowers are not our only treat.  Chris is so engaging that you feel like you should pull up a chair and stay for the day.  She wished us a Happy Anniversary and a wonderful New Year and it was so lovely to see her.

I was thrilled to be invited to a most engaging dinner with our close friends Chris and Corie.  The food was nothing short of amazing, for many of the ingredients come right there from their farm.  Chris is a pizza maker extraordinaire and we all got to partake in the making of our very own.  
The bakery oven kept us toasty and the conversation kept us lively.  I made up some 2011/2012 questions for the table and we spent our chewing moments getting to know a bit more about each other and the year we had/hope for...  It was lovely.  We were thrilled to see Henry and Samantha there with their parents as well as Max, a dear friend of Noah's whom we thought was a perfect addition.  Thank you friends, for sharing in this special night...

Then to make our night, well... awesome, we sent a drift some Chinese lanterns, making wishes and marking this night in history.  It was nothing short of perfect.

and then I received my gift...and it was just lovely.

Our present to each other is a beautiful life in Vermont.  No diamonds, no gifts, no overnight stays... just the life we have always wanted to live.



  1. Happy Anniversary and congrats on reaching such a milestone in your relationship! I may have to come to you for some advice :D Wishing you both much love, serenity, happiness, and peace in the new year!

  2. BEAUTIFUL. love the simplicity and the meaning behind it. happy new year :)

  3. First, Happy Anniversary! Second, I love that darling jacket!! Third, you should be an event planner!!!


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