Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello spring, you old dog you...


It has been so many moons since I have last experienced this seasonal phenomenon.  Spring in the Sonoran desert lasts exactly one day and yields a single color blossom; yellow.  One day the weather is warm, the next it is surface of the sun HOT!  I barely remember the teaser spring can be!  Small signs of life returning to its beauty like these lovelies I spotted on a morning run.  

I can hardly breathe knowing what is in store for us this summer.

To my surprise the picture from my window stays continually the same each day.  The grass is still fighting the urge to sleep.  Not a single leave has adorned the stoic twig.  And do I dare say SNOW?

As I tap my fingers impatiently while gazing at this weekends weather I realize that spring, sadly, is my least favorite of the seasons.  It holds the hope of a warm breeze but delivers a blustery one.  It promises future bike rides but snows on your Saturday.  The calendar date says open your windows but the teeth chattering wind says no, no... not just yet.

Perhaps next weekend, we'll get lucky??

1 comment:

  1. When Spring does finally break through the tundra it will be fantastic.


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