The four of us uniquely represent the four elements of this Earth within our one household.  Now I am not one to scramble through the paper to get to my horoscope, nor do I pay much attention to star alignment, but I must admit; we are a pretty balanced bunch!

Mom: Virgo: Earth

Obsessively clean, terribly controlling, list maker extraordinaire.  I am in charge of keeping this family's feet straight on the ground.  My uncanny ability to keep things organized comes in handy when planning meals, keeping order, scheduling appointments, and putting together a house, efficiently.  It is also wildly helpful when keeping a calendar of events for all members of this clan. What works against me?  My need for perfection.  What works for me?  I am fiercely loyal and love unconditionally.

Dad: Aries: Fire

Fire describes you perfectly.  Temperamental, head strong, and restless.  You bring to the table a challenge; to be the best person you can be.  Quick on your feet during a heated discussion; you have a sharp intellect and use logic as your weapon.  However, you are married to a Virgo so you are seldom right. Your character exudes passion, dedication, and knowledge.  Your example leads to kindness, caring and compassion.  What works against you darling?  A quick temper.  What works for you?  Your devotion to family.  You would lay down your life for the three with whom you share a home, and we all know it.

Noah: Aquarius: Air
 A tough nugget.  Still under a decade old and coming into oneself.  This little tyke shows great promise for something; what it is, remains unknown.  A knack for academia and a silent leader, you are a true Aquarius in your refined,  serious mindedness with a splash of that dry humor.  Your imagination brings wisdom and fantasy to our world.  The ability to think for yourself and challenge others can prove difficult at times, but secretly I smile knowing that you are strong.  What works against you?  You are nine.  What works for you?  Your cleverness and hilarious humor.

Gabrielle: Cancer: Water

Gabrielle, you float on the side of the sympathetic Cancer.  You are intuitive and emotionally connected to those around you.  You are naturally a protector for the feelings of others and will put yourself second to everyone else.  You are hilarious in your messiness and absolute laziness and as I read about your sign you definitely fit the mold.  What works against you?  You are overly sensitive, especially in our jester bunch.  What works for you?  Your love love love.

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