Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

I can barely believe it is the end of October, for this beautiful month just flew by!  I desperately wish I had some amazingly cute craft to share or some ghoulish pics of our Shelburne Halloween extravaganza, but I do not.  Boo!  
However, I do have a plan to save face!  This evening I will be mixing up the warm Halloween stew for a hearty meal before all that trick or treating and I will also be serving this to my Harry Potter and Gargoyle Fairy...

Can't wait!

So this will be our second Halloween spent in Vermont.  Last year was particularly ghastly.  The town of Brandon and its residents really do go all out with decorations, spooky music, creepy witches lurking about.  It was great.  This year we are a bit farther north and will be prowling the elementary school neighborhood with new friends.

I must admit to LOVING a proper Halloween with chilly temps, howling winds, blowing leaves, the works...  But this spooky holiday brings back the very best memories.  Memories of our posse on Old Paint Trail, back in the desert.  Amazing neighbor hood friends, 6 foot subs, soda and a beer wagon, and some hilarious costumes come to mind when thinking back.  I was always cursing the weather, I was always wishing for New England Night.  I have my wish now and I am grateful...but I am ever so grateful for those amazing memories.  Miss you fine Phoenix Folks!!  Happy Halloween to you!

***despite the absence of a chill in the air, howling winds, or falling leaves there was 

And because I was thinking of a ghoulishly past I gave in to the old photo temptations last night...

This is one of my all time favorite Halloween moments.  Uncle jay showing up as Woody to pair up with his sidekick Buzz for a night to remember.  You are simply the best Jay Allen and I miss you so...

 I think this was Noah's idea, to feed his sister to the candy monster...

His tactic worked... for she was not eaten showing it safe for costume posing!

Noah's idea to be Peter Pan and Tink.



I hope you all have a ghostly evening filled with fun and laughter.  I will be bundling up for temps in the 30's and 40's, YIKES!!

Happy Halloween to you Chantal, found this cute pic and couldn't resist!! 


Thursday, October 27, 2011


This delicious treat has simply made my whole October.  

I know this may seem like an extreme statement when considering I can hop to a pumpkin patch fit for Martha Stewart Living or leaf peep right outside my window.  Candy Corn seems to play like a second fiddle.  But this is just not the case!

Candy Corn alone is simply to sweet but paired with salted peanuts is a pure Halloween treat!

So my dear friend Meghan kindly put this out at her desk for all to share.  Usually I steer clear from office snack temptations, but I am pretty confident that I ate most of this one!!  And I think she noticed too, for this was waiting for me at my desk this morning...

Thank you Ms. Meghan, you rock!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silver Lake.

 With the a slight chance of a snowflake or two in the upcoming forecast I find myself super relieved that we made it to Silver Lake before winter rears its beautiful head!  I mean I love a snowy hike, but this particular forested path deserves some autumn attention if you know what I mean.  It also deserves to be shared with friends!

Our friends Chris and Corrie and their friend Kerry, with a K, brought their little ones along to kick fallen leaves and breathe the fresh Addison County air...oh my.

We all know that this lovely state is known for its picturesque scenery no matter the season.  However, autumn proves to paint a picture so beautiful it attracts these...

 Leaf Peepers!  Aren't they cute??

After some joking around, Chris and his weary back inspired some off the mat yoga...  I thought it was sweet that the littler ones responded right away!

It seems that the year spent at *At One did sink in a bit.  Thinking we need to revisit this beautiful practice...

...and Noah is always quick to share with an even smaller one than he.

After all that fine hiking and yoga breaks, the great outdoors always requires a delicious lunch. For me this means: 

Whole Grain Bread

Pictured here...

 The lake brought a bit of wind to our picnic and I did a lot of cuddling with Mr. Witt and little Witts.  We threw some rocks in the water and quickly began down the trail towards home...

Thank you for having us, favorite lake o' mine...  See you next year!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday Fun Night...

So the fast few weeks have been a bear.  That saying,  "no rest for the weary"... that about sums it up. One task following another, sharing only mere glances with my Mr., and being all business with the children.  Homework, showers, consuming food, and bedtime.  This pretty much equals NO FUN AT ALL.

A family night was in order.  A celebration if you will...

for the love of fridays
for the love of pizza
for the love of a gigantic couch bed
for the love of redbox movies
for the love of cake
for the love of sparklers
for the love of the happy dance
for the love of family
for the love of cuddling
for the love of LOVE.

Pictures are grainy and dark, but I hope the happiness of the surprise Happy Friday Celebration shines bright through the not so great photos...

Witt family motto: Make Fridays Count!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Legion.

You are a true friend in every sense of the word.  I remember when I used to carry you to bed and you would sleep on my pillow cuddled up to my face.  I love that you still wait until I am ready to sleep to nestle into your bed that is now at my feet. You are an old man now.  Distinguished and wise.  I care for you deeply and could not imagine these last 13 years without you.  Happy birthday dear friend.  Looking forward to our hike tomorrow...


Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Foliage...

Look at this perfectly lovely building I pass everyday on my way into work.  I have watched it turn from meadow green to this vibrant red.  You cannot tell in the photo but when the wind blows the leaves on the vines dance on the wall so perfectly.  It is delightful.  It is enough to fill one with joy for an entire day.  Thank you sweet wall, for being there...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Dancer...

Today was a special day.  Today I was invited in to watch Gabrielle dance.  For it was one of the most lovely moments I have had in a while.  The music was delightful and her movements were graceful.  I always wondered what it would be like to be a dancer.  It is probably something I will never know.  But Gabi has chosen it as a part of her life and I am grateful to witness her grow with instruction.

Now call me around May 15th and ask how much I love dance!!  Those recitals are something else...rehearsals and costumes, make up/no make up, the hair bows and extra tights and flowers and FOOD and everything I forgot and wish I could do over even after calendars and planners and lists!  

Then ask me following the performance.  When I have those tearful mom eyes that are full of pride.  The efforts pay off and the joy is there.  And, most importantly, Gabrielle loves it.  She mentioned to me that some of her friends at school do not understand why she dances (boys and girls), they say things that children say, without thinking of feelings.  But my goosie is strong and she replies (to me of course) that she would like to see some of those boys and girls get through one of her classes, for they are tough and not for the weary hearted.

That's my girl ;-)

Thanks for having me darling...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New look...

Well hello there, and Welcome!
You may be noticing a few changes around here.  We gave the old web space a bit of a face lift.  I hired an ever so kind and talented designer to help me see my vision through...(through all that html malarkey).  I think she did a perfectly wonderful job and you can visit her HERE to see the other talented projects she has going on!

So now begins the fun.  I deem this space a place where a type A, non artistic, less than creative, super organized, OCD (while we are being honest) person, such as myself, can let go and enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds.  This will be my reporting station where I bring together photography and the written word.  

I hope you will join me in this online real life adventure!

Til next time...


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lady New York...

Have I mentioned how I adore the City of New York?

I can remember a time when that city and I were first introduced, when I was of the age of a teen.  How I loved its energy and all of its madness.  I would frequent the old bookstores that sold authors who were forbidden in a small town store.  Though I grew up in a house with a father that held Carlos Castaneda and Tom Robbins in the library I was wide eyed at the discovery of Ginsberg and Bukowski...

So, when my dad said he would be in the City for a day I found the meeting place quite fitting.  Though I was unable to revisit those old dusty bookstores, we did find ourselves a most adventurous day.

I was smitten with these images when hopping off the subway downtown....

And not long after, seeing a gentlemen line up  the most wonderful words, one by one and then over again...

Goodness               Kindness
Faithfulness            Self Control          
Patience                  Peace
Love                      Joy

We were glad to say hello and witness his art in motion.

The delightful part of being in New York, for me, is that there is art everywhere.  These birds were spotted by Miss Gabi...

And these too...

We were also all pleasantly surprised to happen upon a few official galleries!  The kindest couple steered us away from some 'not such age appropriate' wall hangings to the most amazing performance art I have ever seen...

 I mean, someone wore this on a stage once upon a time.  How fantastic!

We saw some neon work, a treat for Sue, and some leggo art, a treat for Noah and this...

The sweetest rides I have ever seen, seriously.

More to come on the food and the play...

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