Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear WInter,


I adore the winter months and all of its splendor... Some of my favorite things about this chilly season include a blustery wind storm or a deep freeze, a fierce blizzard, or an icy explosion that blankets every twig; which then sparkle in the next days sun.  There is nothing so quiet as winter either;  it is a rarity to cherish.  A walk in an evening snowstorm gives time to listen to my breath and my footsteps.  The crunch underneath my feet sinking into freshly fallen snow is equal to the joy of fresh cut grass in between my bare toes. 
And last but not least, winter is a promise for spring...

ours is in the middle
 I am smitten with our cute row of post boxes as they struggle to keep their heads above snowline.  The procedure is always the same...Some poor soul spends there precious time to dig them out, a home worthy of their job, and then the monstrous plow buries them again in one quick second.  I feel sorry for them out there in the cold when I see them out my window.  Their job is an honorable one, keeping a long time tradition of a hand delivered note from one person to another.  I admit, most notes I receive these days are usually from a stranger requesting my hard earned dollar bills but occasionally a note comes from a loved one and it always warms my heart.  So thank you mailbox for doing your due diligence in the winter months, you are appreciated.

 Holy Snowman Noah!!  For a desert boy you sure know how to do it right!  It took all four of us to lift his head on top of his lower half.  I love the jelly bean eyeballs, the stick mouth and I especially love dads Diamond backs baseball cap!  I don't think the diamondbacks have had too many of these guys on their playing field.  We did not even have that much snowfall and this is the lawn package we received!  A  good foot above little Witt's head and two feet above the little miss (not pictured).  I do say, I am impressed... Well done desert children, we will turn you into Vermonters yet.

 My favorite winter activity... definitely a hike up Mount Philo with my one and only Mr. Witt and our trusty sidekick, old man McMurphey (aka Legion).  It is a generous winter hike offering a bounty of enchanting wintry scenes.  Families fill the trails and dogs are let loose to play with each other. Kids and adults alike are all gripping their sleds anxious for the thrilling ride down!  The view from atop  is breathtaking.  Waterholes are spotted for summer swimming on the edges of the lake and long farm roads are carved out of the snow giving a picturesque scene of Vermont's finest landscape.  Oh the beauty of it all...


Lastly, there is nothing quite like a good book during the coldest season to keep you warm.

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