Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is recital weekend...

Please help me be a better dance mom.
And remember all the hair ties.
And to make a good bun.
 And to turn the costume upside down on the hanger.
And to not forget extra tights.
Or the ballet slippers.
Or the flowers.
And to smile and enjoy and not stress or worry. And to make Gabi feel like she is the bestest and that she owns this. 
pray for me. the frantic mom who was never a dancer and has no idea what she is doing. the only mom who sneaks her child on stage without all that make up and who can still see her just fine from the audience. the one who better learn how to make a bun WITHOUT wispies because she is not three anymore and the other mothers stare... seriously pray.
"I don't know mom, something about ballet just relaxes me.  I just love it."  
 - Gabrielle 2012

"Some of the kids at school were making fun of dance, but I would like to see them do my class for an hour.  It is hard, just as hard as other sports! And I don't care, I love to dance." 
- Gabrielle beginning of school year 2011


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


  Today I love those big blue eyes.

The depth in which you feel.

The soul that is so old.

Today I rest in knowing you.

for all that you are.

 for all that is to come.

Today I am proud of you who are.

your giving heart.

your mindfulness. 

love, mom.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Upon the purchase of our quaint Vermont cape,
 I had a vision and it went like this...

Vermont, meet urban/swedish/loft design... a pleasure.

Morning light, meet me in my jammies on Sunday mornings.  Thank you.
Mirror, old friend.  Green rug, new friend.  New front door, blessing.

The Crosley

Kitchen table renovation... a first.
an office for a Mrs. just waiting for greatness.
Crosley number 2.
gone are the days of beige's and tans.  goodbye red accents and pictures on the wall.

Hello white. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome Summer...

green trees
warm breezes
grilled corn
red shoes
white pants
cold lake
happy hearts
maple ice cream
chirping birds
big trips 
village walks
bike rides...

...and also certain secret lunches with a particular Mister on a half day before a 3day on a glorious day at a private beach that may or may not include tacos, guacamole, a red blanket, bon iver, snoozing, day dreaming, and a kiss or two...

Happy Weekend.


Friday, May 18, 2012


We met when we were thirteen.
We ran away together at twenty + 1.

Though reason should have been a deterrent
Our souls insisted otherwise.

We had a baby
sealing the fate only the universe knew. then.

Our love was young 
 and not what you might think.

Tumultuous and turbulent
young and naive.

We lived a life together 
for eight whole years.  

We had another baby.
We were a family. 

We were connected at times 
and sometimes just going through the motions. 

We grew.
Together and apart.

But remained connected. 
and fiercely committed.

And we shared a dream. 
One to live in the woods.  

In a place far and away.
where we both understood. 

We discussed it regularly.  .

We knew what we were looking for:

walks in the forest
dips in the river
warm summer breezes
cold winter nights
pumpkin picking
and bicycle riding.

We knew the life we wanted to live. For our kids.  With each other.

But something unexpected happened.  Something our souls had always known.  All the longing to be here.  All the wishing and the dreaming.  It was for all those things and something else.

We followed our dreams...

and fell madly in love.

the end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This weekend we...

Spent some much needed time as a family.
Relished in the beautiful spring weather.
Stacked a beautiful wood pile on the side of our house.
Watched my Mister build some kick ass cedar garden boxes.
Worked in the community garden. With the community.
Ate the most amazing local food, on the front porch.

and the list goes on. 

But the best part of the weekend, the part making it the very best.weekend.ever.  It was simply the joy.  The joy of being together, being a mother, being a wife, being alive, being grateful, drinking it in.  All of it.


The small tokens of appreciation didn't help at all or anything ;-)

1.  My very own Mister Witt read aloud a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.  To My Mother.  It was beautiful. It was intellectual. I will remember that forever.

2.  Noah wrote me his very own Poem.  Thank you dear Noah, I will treasure the 10 year old(ness) of this fine piece of literature for the rest of my days.

3.  The loveliest flowers in all the land, made by In Full Bloom, my most favorite flower shop in the Universe.  AND, the loveliest flower shop owner delivered them to my begging husband, outside her door, after shop hours, during dinner hours, due to his forgetfulness, and she smiled and gave them to him at no charge... and then they made plans for her to dine with us, at our home, and that will be such a special gift indeed.

4.  Then the kicker.  Gabrielle and her song.  She wrote me a song... ME.  The boys joined in to perform it.  Of course there were tears.  Then there was a 2nd performance so that I could take a video. So that I could watch it for the rest of the day every 5 minutes.  Then at work. Then in my car. Then again in the kitchen while I swept the floor. And again today.  And again and again...

Life is grand.

Happy Mother's Day
You are so beautiful
You are so kind 
You are the best snuggler

You are a creative mom
If you werenot here
Dad would have no wife
He would have no kids

You are the greatest mom
that anyone
could ever ask
could ever ask for

You really outdo yourself
With your white bean salad
We think your grand
We think your great
We think you're better than an ape

When you speak your words
There is magic
You have a sparkle 
In your eyes

This is your day
Enjoy your day
Happy Mother's Day.


You can read HERE just how I feel about my children... and being their mother.



Monday, May 7, 2012

The moon rose...

and I survived.


But there were highlights to this moonlit weekend:

Hanging out with the most amazing people in the North East Kingdom.  It is a place people, and it definitely lives up to its name.

Visiting a place reminiscent of the towns Spectre and The Village.  Its white buildings and pristine town green give a feeling of heaven on Earth sprinkled with a pinch of eerie.

Listening to Seth and May play their inspiring music for a second time in one week.  I have been humming one particular song all.morning.long.

Getting to see my very own Mister on a stage with Chris and Phillip.  You did amazing and it was a joy to see you play.

Watching four frolicking children on a perfectly beautiful Sunday, out in the green grass under a very blue sky.

Sitting on a blanket and listening to Matt play his guitar during above mentioned frolicking. Grass still green. Sky still blue. Life still amazing.

Learning about maps and loons from Corrie and Clare, smart women they are.

Lake Caspian.  Watching a young boy squeal in delight as he submerges his naked body in that frigid water.  Brave I tell you.  Apparently our offspring still require 80 degree pools for they barely made it past their toes.  I didn't even touch it ;-)

Coming home.  Living in the most precious place on Earth.

the end.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello Super Moon...

How I loathe you, let me count the ways.

Your beauty majestic, your pull  sadistic.

I am a true definition of a lunatic.

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