Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evening Out...

 So last night was the third grade concert at Shelburne Community  School.  Noah and his classmates have been working hard for months on end to give this lovely performance, and their efforts certainly paid off!  Noah was looking very dapper in his dressy duds, and I am overcome with emotion seeing him 
so grown,  
so very grown....

This is quite the experience, raising Noah Matthew.  He is so interesting to watch.  Tonight, I am pleased with his attentiveness, impeccable manners, and singing voice.   Well done darling.

So we had a lovely dinner outside to relax and rest before the big event.  Then we got dressed...

Gabi made the obvious choice.

She also gave us a pre-performance, performance...


It was Rock n' Roll!

Then Matt and I did our own little show in our seats.  This temporary insanity was caused by arriving early enough for front row seats but  nothing to do to bide our time.  We even tried standing on our heads...

Noah would have been mortified SO we shaped up as soon as the stars of the hour graced the stage! 
I promise!

Why do you think Noah is looking so, hmm, smitten?  I believe it is the brunette to his right... just saying.

Love it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tell us how you really feel!

So I am many things.

Naive is definitely one of them.  I like to think of it as more of an innocence.  I choose not to be educated in such things that bring distress, come from wickedness, or showcase corruptness.

I have a situation on my hands, one that is totally corrupt, horribly wicked, and causing me great distress. 

Does it say gullible behind me or am I just a turkey?? 
Long story short...

Car salesman sold me a car in 2007.
He swore up and down left and right that there were no mileage restrictions on a Smart Buy.
I believed him.
I signed a doc with a blank mileage line and left.
After I drove home they altered the doc and countersigned.  
I am now 50,000 miles over.
God Damn It.

Well I may be naive, but I am not an IDIOT!

That is illegal, not to mention rude.


                                         1. Buy the car, that I do not want, and eat a big one.
                                         2. Fight the man.

but I have a secret weapon....

...and this won't be the first time he and I have fought money grubbing criminals together.

You think you are sneaky, but we see you.

How do I feel about big banks, corporate conglomerates, and big government you ask?

I think they are all a bunch of Mother Cussers.  That's right.

You know what I wish for them?


You know why?

I feel sorry for them.  

I feel badly that they spend their precious time on Earth in the pursuit of monetary gains.  I feel like they will fight their way all the way to the top; only to be either knocked off by the next guy or die up there wondering what it is that they missed.

I like my simple life and our discovery of a different sort of living. 

Better luck next time boys...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Has anyone noticed that I am totally smitten with my new home state? 

I mean look at these lilacs...

They are blooming EVERYWHERE!

The weather could not be more glorious.

I awoke at quite an unusual hour during what is usually a complete blackout time for me.  You know what it was that caused my ears to open?  A most delicious breeze.
It was stirring the maple I sleep rather close to each night.   The leaves sounded oh so joyful even during that dark dark hour.  Also, that lovely wind blew in the most delicious scent of these purple petals.  It was SO great.  And I was glad to be awake.

I decided I like these guys so much that I went ahead and invited them to lunch.  We had a plate of raw veggies; including my fav...avocado!

The drink is obviously color inspired.  Seltzer water with a splash, or two, of grape juice.  It was slightly reminiscent of Grape Soda!


Where in the world is Jay on his birthday this year....

He is not in Laguna Beach eating at Hapi Sushi, though that would be totally delicious.  

 He is not wine tasting in Carlsbad with child number 1, #2, and also a Sue... Though that would be oh so relaxing.

So where are you Mr. Greenfield, on this special day of yours?  In a London pub having a yummy pint?  Relaxing on an exotic English beach?  Walking in an English Garden?

  Do tell, we are all ears...

Love you here, there, and everywhere!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So I was at the market picking up the Friday night provisions, as typical.  The woman behind me, whom was old enough to have raised some children of her own and now was possibly on to some grand kidos, says to me, "now that is my kind of Friday night."  I proceeded to tell her who exactly will be enjoying what; we shared a laugh.   Here were the provisions...

A 6'er of IPA for the husband, some delicious red for mom, a bite of something yummy for children, and ranch for the pizza (because that's how we roll).

I smiled to myself, on my way home, because I realized that I try and make a fancy meal, on Friday nights, to celebrate the simple fact that we made it through another week.  

Mostly for the Mr. and me.  Cheers to us...

We managed to work 72 hours total bringing home a modest salary. We committed to standing on our feet after work for several hours doing chores such as; cooking, cleaning, packing lunches, supervising homework, supervising showers, laundry and more laundry, etc.  We worked hard to get two children to school, dance and baseball; which can be much harder than it sounds.  This week we were able to teach Noah the value of hanging in there and not quitting and Gabrielle finally realized the joy of reading 

 Despite the utter exhaustion we both feel daily the Mr. and I are able to accept our role in this life and be perfectly content; especially on Friday nights!  

Pizza is on the menu.

This week, like most weeks, was VERY FULL....

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beginning of a New England Summer...

Well yesterday was just lovely.  
My arms actually saw the light of day.   
The sun beams actually reached the surface of my skin.
I actually felt...warmth.  
It was yummy.  
I smiled all the way home.

To celebrate this glorious day; Mexican food!  My Favorite.

 This is a favorite dish dating back to 1985.  When mom said we were having dip my brother and I literally jumped for joy.  Organic re fried beans, taco seasoned sour cream (Vermont brand of course), and fresh ingredients to pile high!

 I also discovered local tortilla chips and they are delicious!  The house on the package is clearly in Arizona.  I know this because  Saguaro's are indigenous to Arizona and I am pretty sure I have passed that house once or twice on my way to California; somewhere right outside Gila Bend.  Good Grief that drive is terrible.  Thank goodness for Dairy Queen blizzards to take the edge off!  I never did have one of those weird Date Shakes.

 We had some pretty delicious pineapple smoothie shakes last night with our dip though!  Just fresh pineapple,  some ice, and a squeeze of Agave Nectar.   This is the most, all time, refreshing drink on hot summer days.

So there you have it.  Thursday night dinner, outside, in the warmth of a New England summer,  
enjoyed by all...

After dinner we engaged in some warm weather activities...

 Noah got in some much needed time with a ball.

Gabrielle got artistic with some chalk. 
It is refreshing to see a color besides white dress that tired old walk way...

Mr. Witt and I enjoyed the pure beauty that surrounds.  What a dream we are living these days.  So much change, so much excitement.  So wonderful to see the Earth come bursting out of its hibernating state.  I can feel the pulsation of life all around me.  The plants are growing, the wind is blowing, the bugs are crawling, the sun is shining...  Not to mention the birds are chirping, the clouds are moving, and the rivers are running.  I do not feel alone here.  I definitely feel my place within it.  And I know that the Mr. does too...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Four Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Five...


Well done Noah Matthew!  I am not only impressed with your accomplishment but delighted to watch the enthusiasm with which you read.  How I grin when I find you up early with the birds to get an extra chapter in.  How thrilling to hear of your heart beating fast during an intense scene.  How I love that you have finished your very first book series!

I mean, WOW!  This calls for celebration...

And how do Vermonters celebrate?  Ben and Jerry's of course!  It was so fun to surprise you!

Phish food, Half Baked, Chocolate syrup, and Whipped Cream!!

Your dad kind of looks like a character out of your books, doesn't he?  A professor perhaps?  What would his talent be you think?

It is now 7:00pm on a Wednesday night... there are dishes to be done, lunches to pack, showers to take, baseball laundry to do, and beds to jump in...

No thanks, I still feel like celebrating!

and nothing says celebrate like an evening breeze blowing on your cheeks while cruising on a bicycle.

 So we rode all the way down to the lake to watch the sunset

Thanks for giving us something to celebrate Noah.  Life sure is sweet at the moment.  
Now the only question is, What to read next?

The Rald Dahl Collection, good choice!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer foooooood.....

 I do not know how my body survived this winter without all the summer food I adore.  I practically starved to death.  Wine and cheese with a touch of cereal saved my life.  Literally

For a person that enjoys multiple servings from the fruit family a day and lived in the orange mecca of the world, I was a mess.  But look what has popped up...


Oh how I have missed you.  Desperately.

So to celebrate... a dinner on the grill on a Saturday with a beer.  I don't even drink beer!

Two veggie burgers for man and child, grilled lettuce and asparagus, and a yummy piece of Canadian salmon just for little ol' me.

 A new summer drink, introduced by a Mr. Taylor, sparkling water with a slash of juice.  All the deliciousness of a carbonated soda without the hideous soda ingredients.  LOVE!

An IPA in a tall glass.  I have learned, for myself, to sip beer like a fine wine or a cheap wine.  Not only do I like it... I LOVE IT!

There it is, my favorite meal.  Simple, lite, scrumptious, and warm. 

I am so thrilled to be reunited with my grill.  The last time I was with you the wind had  
knocked you over!  
When I ran out to save you the wind knocked me over and when I finally got you up it knocked us down together.  First I cried, then laughed, because it was hilarious.  Then I called Matt at work and cried again.  You are a little banged up but you still work just fine. 
And legion joined us....

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