Yours Truly

Hello there.

My name is Britt.

In the attempt to introduce myself I realize this task  is not so straight forward.  For I long to be a simple girl, living one such, simple life.  But, in fact, this is simply not the case...

I am a Mrs. to my Mr. and I adore him.
I am a mother to some smaller ones and I breathe for them.
I have one dog and one cat.
I cook dinner 7 nights a week.
I love to run.
My favorite movie is Harold and Maude.

These are the simple things.

Everything else... a whole lot of chaos, fit snuggly into my daily planner.  

Recently, I gave up all things familiar to live out the dream of that certain simple life.  Myself, and those mentioned above, currently reside in the most lovely village town.  It is quaint and it is simple.  But, it is also so very full.  So I feel it quite important to document such a life...  

So here I am.  

Here is the place I chose to document life's happenings through photography and the written word....

I am glad you stopped by.  I wish you would stay.  It is a pleasure to meet you. 


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