Monday, April 25, 2011

A blessed day...

Easter Sunday

This Witt family had a lovely time celebrating the Easter holiday in our quaint village town with very dear friends.  As the day came to a close my children were filled with a calm joy, my husband was sweetly appreciative, and I was feeling humbled by the blessings all around me.  
But what fun is it to jump to the end...

In fact, Easter started a good month ago when Bri and I conjured up a plan to have a  celebration together and it began with these sweet things...

Mrs. Taylor hand crafted these bunnies in the evening hours all of April.  I am in awe of the very talent she has for this art and was honored to dine at the table in which they were placed.

My Easter crafts were more of the eating kind.  I was smitten with a recipe, suitable for my little bunnies, that I had stumbled upon here.  It took a bit of trying before I found my technique but once I got the hang of it I could not be stopped!  Good thing I had my mother and Gabi there to lend a hand...

These were tons of fun to make and even more exciting to eat!  I was also responsible for bringing the sweets, a job I take very seriously.  Easter choice: carrot cake in cup form with cream cheese frosting and delicate adornments.

With the delicacies placed sweetly on their platters it was time to mosey.  How kind of the Taylor family to invite us into their home to spend the holiday together.  I would be fibbing if I said I wasn't feeling a touch of sadness; that the tradition of going to Grams and Papas wasn't weighing on my mind...  But they were thinking of us and we were thinking of them...

and we were greeted by our lovely hostess...

Mrs. Brianne Taylor

We caught up on some chit chat and then went straight to cooking!  

The menu; a delicious frittata served with bagels and juice.  Fruit was on my list and though I purchased it I had forgotten all about it while making those yummy sandwiches.  The kiwis and pineapple sat lonely in the fridge all day long.

My favorite part of the meal, the country table of course.  flowers.  bunnies.  a vintage setting.

a very handsome Witt boy.

I am so pleased with my little chickens today, though Noah would probably not appreciate the adoring name.  They were nothing but thoughtful and kind.  They entertained themselves and the lovely Beatrice.  They sat politely at the dinner table.  There was not a single complaint or unhappy moment.  It is not an easy job, to be a mother, and these are the moments when I beam with pride... These are the moments when all those times I have threatened their lives has paid off.

How sweet is little Bea.  Not to mention her Easter dress is handmade by her mother, she looked just darling.  She was on her best behavior as well, though that is nothing out of the ordinary for this sweet pea.
A toast....

Noah and Gabrielle were delighted to accompany Bea on her first egg hunt in the backyard!  Who doesn't love a good egg hunt?

The fresh air on this spring day felt brilliant.  After this seemingly ever-lasting winter season we needed this!

The last photo of the day really captures the silly joy we were allowing ourselves to have.   I feel simply blessed for this day, this life.

See you next year Easter Sunday!


  1. What a great day that must have been!

  2. A beautiful day indeed, so good to see you all having such a laugh! I love those carrots!!! Love to you all xxxx


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