Monday, January 9, 2012

O dark thirty...

This is a picture of my warm car (thank you auto start) at 5:15 this Monday morning...
This a picture of the glowing doorway...

I hold the key to that door and that door holds:


a better me.

That 5 0' clock hour is tricky.  It can really betray you if you'll allow it to.  I tend to toss and turn in anticipation until about 4:45, then suddenly my pillows and blankets swallow me whole!  Then when the alarm sounds I am more comfortable than I had been all night!  

Then there is the pitch blackness... AND the frigid temperature!  

Last week I set my alarm all 5 days and went NOT ONE TIME. 

BUT, there is always today.  Today I set my intention and I followed through.  And I remembered what I have always known.  It feels good.  It feels better to move my body from 5 to 6 then it does to snooze thru.  I am happier for it at 8, 9, 10, etc...  At 3 0'clock not so much but have a new remedy for that...

Which brings me to THIS: 

My new ninja!

I went to Macy's with a gift card in hand.  What to buy, what to buy?  You can go in so many directions in that store.  It felt a bit dizzy when I thought about it.  My initial thought was to browse the make up (which I never have extra money for these days)...  I don't wear a lot of it but I do love my concealer and a little eye liner... keeps me looking a bit more alive while raising one particular boy and another smaller girl.  


 And the thought that came to mind was this...

Work on your yourself from the inside out Britt, you know that.  Why buy make up when you could drink your way to a tighter tummy, brighter skin, and a healthy smile.

Is anyone else resolving to be a healthier you this year?

PS: this is what got me going this morning...

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  1. This song would get me moving...especially on a day like today! Let me know how you like your Ninja...

  2. I gotta say that I use my blender 3 times a day and my sneakers only 3 times a week and not at 5am ;-)

  3. Wow, JEALOUS! That Ninja looks SO awesome! New follower to your blog btw! Loving it :D

  4. The Ninja looks awesome! Have fun with it!!


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