Monday, June 27, 2011

a homemade birthday...

So, birthday's are an interesting twist to the role as Mother.

They have to be carefully thought out and planned just so.

They must be thoughtful enough so that the birthday person is left with a smile and a feeling of importance.  However, it also must be kept simple so that the same little person is not left feeling lost in a ridiculous spin of events.

So I had an idea...


What better way to celebrate a child that is always blooming?
Gabrielle is literally my very own sprouting bud. 

The inspiration for this floral extravaganza?  One of the best shops in Shelburne of course...

six girls, a Ms. Kris, and an afternoon with the most delicious flowers around!

I just love seven year old girls.  It is the age of dolls  and butterflies, imagination and more.  They were all smiles upon arrival to the event.

I think every one of them was happy to spend the afternoon in this flower shop. I could not have been  more pleased and hoped Gabrielle felt the same as I.

Kris was a delightful hostess and we all enjoyed her knowledge of the flowers and teaching us a thing or two about the arranging of them...

There was lots of careful concentration placed on the task before these darlings.   

It was such a pleasure to see each personality shine through in their bouquets

Well done little ladies.  You did a fine job with your arrangements. 

They are as beautiful as you are!

And a big thank you to our floral hostess and all of her expertise.  If you find yourself traveling a Vermont road, just passing thru, you should do yourself a favor and visit her HERE !

Now that was just loads of fun but the party simply cannot end there...


Featured here

And here --->

I had the very best time planning the table.  I think the girls enjoyed it too...

The straws are paper, the cupcakes are floral, and the milk is local...

A big thanks to the Taylor's for hosting in their village yard too!

 Make a wish love... 

                                                                                                                   I hope it comes true!!

 Thank you friends for joining in on Gabi's big day.  It was simply a pleasure...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day 2011 was a bust and here is why...

The Mr. and I were just not loving each other this weekend.  We were Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson 2011...

...and it was so lame.

Matt worked a fifty hour week and I did a gazillion loads of laundry which left both of us feeling a wee bit tense.  Matt was worse than me though...jeez!

However, pre bickering I arranged the delivery of a lovely gift for our doting dad, 
can you guess what it is...

In this photo you can...

A. tell Matthew is annoyed with me and also suffering from exhaustion.

B. tell that his daughter thinks the WORLD of him.

 This picture showcases just what the smaller Witt's love about their dad.

He is super fun and he does silly things.

He likes to build with Lego's and stay up late.  He likes to eat candy, blow bubbles, skateboard, and play board games.   

I think he likes his gift.  I gave away his old record player to Uncle jay because it was bulky and its appearance did not compliment my decor.  That was ages ago.  This one is better...

Even though our behavior was deplorable Grandma Mindy still treated us to a fabulous lunch in the East Village.  First I had to visit my Crumbs friends once more...

Then we went to...


and ate this...

and it was too die for!

So despite the upset on this Father's Day, Mr. Witt knows just how we feel about him.
He's the best.  
In so many ways.  

And we are back in love once again, ready to face the long hours and laundry monsters, together.

On another note...

This week was also so ridiculous that the other dads, one in a desert and the other in a kingdom, were neglected as well.  No cards for you.  Gah!
This is not like me.
But you know who you are and you know that I love you dearly.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A three part weekend...

 Wow.  What a fun weekend we had.  

A visit to a new apartment on the Upper West Side.  Rock n' Roll.

A reunion with some much loved family members to celebrate a graduation.

and of course, father's day.

I love living in Vermont, and I love visiting New York City.  It is probably my favorite place on Earth as far as cities go.  So many sights, sounds, and smells.  I think it is the possibilities that make it so wonderful...

The new digs my mom is sporting is in its beginning stages.  A fun, yet daunting stage.  Time to organize, plan and execute.  My suggestion; a baby blue leather couch.  We'll see.  For now, the highlight is the window...

...and the view.   The taxi cabs give away the location.  How great are they?

Also on the new neighborhood street: a CRUMBS bakery!  What?
That wouldn't be good for my skinny jeans!   Their ice coffee is to die for too!

Most importantly, there is the largest, most amazing Whole Foods only 50 feet away.  I swear, it was the Costco of Whole Foods.  They had a beautiful cheese selection, delicious desert skewers, and like 500 dressings.  I could have spent the whole weekend there.

 Look!  There it is!!  My mom can just peak out at it any time and think of all the wonders it holds inside.  Jealous!

The girls spent some time in the lobby while the boys did some helpful moving duties... It is super sleek and quite relaxing.

I could go on and on about that beautiful city but that was not the point of destination this weekend.  Lots of very important people were gathering for an oh so important event...across the Henry Hudson in New Jersey Land.

Colby graduated from Sparta High school.  He is off to college this fall; the University of Virginia.  Well done cousin Colby, you are off to do more great things your life!  Thank you for being a great role model to Noah.  You are quite the young man.

It was really a glorious afternoon.  The weather was East Coast on its best behavior.  And we all enjoyed ourselves....

My Uncle Marc and Aunt Sherry really have outdone themselves with their terrific kids.  They both are always so lovely when we come to visit.  The Isenberg's always go out of their way to have a little something for the kidos.  The bubbles were a hit with Gabi, I didn't hear anything from her the whole day, just blowing away... Thanks for playing cousins!

My Papa Ralph was there and boy was he a sight for sore eyes.  When I moved from that desolate desert I gave up weekly lunches with him.  Those weekday lunches are on my top five things I miss the most and makes the list of reasons why I would ever consider moving back.  But he is a good man and is glad that I am out living life... 

Need less to say, I was glad to see him.  Aren't we a good pair...

My Aunt Marcia and Uncle Mike made there way to this shin dig as well.  They are a very special couple too!  Living in the beautiful pacific northwest, seeing them now and again is a special treat.  Marcia is so fun and such a lovely person.  I always have a nice time catching up on their happenings...trying to pry juicy work details from my uncle which he never gives and catching up with Marcia on kids, dogs, and running outdoors.  They have the cutest 80 pound dog you have ever seen, Huck. Love!

So we ate a bit of this....

...and a bit of that

and we felt like this after...

Then Colby treated us to his very skilled guitar talent...

 He is seriously good... no great.  No, unbelievable.

I can't wait for this time next year.  Jensin graduates!  We will all be back together again.  Will you preform for us Jens?  What will you want your shin dig to be like?

Thanks Marc and Sherry, for sharing your big day with us!  We had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Dearest Gabrielle...

I simply cannot accept that my littlest one is already in her seventh year.  Remember when she was just a tiny chick that I could hold in my arms all day long?

I love the children's birthdays for two reasons.  

First, it is fun to have a great time and a delicious treat.  The flower pot above is Gooses special dish to share with her new friends at Wildflower Camp today.  It is filled with dirt pudding and gummy worms; along with a handmade sign of course!  I love glitter and swear to find more uses for it in my daily life.

Second, I love the reflection the day brings for me, as their Mother.  As I ran this morning thru Shelburne farms I laughed about how utterly enormous I was when pregnant and how terribly uncomfortable it was to grow this little tyke. Remembering the day she was born is always my fav butnot to worry, I will spare you all the details.  However, I will not spare the children over Birthday Dinner tonight.  I love to watch them giggle and squirm at the hilarity of the moment.  They think it is so funny..

Gabrielle, in you seventh year you are:
as kind as ever
full of joy
easy going
very funny
a lady for sure
a friend to others
willing to learn
a dear dear person all around 

Thank you for being all those things and so much more.  I wish for you a special day as you celebrate your life on the Earth, here with us.  I love that you love your family with such passion.  You bring a light into our household that we are all so appreciative of...even your loving brother.

xoxo - mom

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