Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fancy Food. Not Camera.

This is a photo of Monday night's dinner.  Sweet potato mash paired with delicious roasted vegetables.  The carrots, beets, and brussels sprouts are drizzled with honey and Vermont blue cheese.  The sweet potato tastes as yummy as iced cream.   Seriously.

Side note: Matt reminded me of the Simpson's episode where Mr. Burns was at a party and playfully says "look Smithers, I am enjoying something that they call iced cream."  and I laughed.

Back to  it.  I absolutely LOVE a colorful dinner on an over-sized  white plate.  It is the perfect canvas to the art of food. I am a bit obsessed with dishes and have too many to count, but the white ones are my favorite by far. This summer I will be on the hunt for some dark wooden chop sticks to accompany my grilled salmon, layered with asparagus, on a white plate, during a balmy Sunday evening.

I am better at summer meals.  As an Arizona native I was lost without my grill in these negative tundra temps!  Winter vegetables frightened me.  An acorn squash looks like nothing more than an ornament to adorn my dusty front stoop at Thanksgiving until the sun rots it inside out and I throw it away.
Potatoes are a preposterous idea; way too many carbs for a west coast waistline.  Rutabaga?  What the heck is that?  Well it is almost April and snow is still in the forecast, so I have had ample time to get acquainted with these fine cold weather friends.  Acorn squash was not mastered but it has come in from the porch!

For Desert: blended frozen banana with a touch of almond milk.  Toppings: shredded coconut and raisins.

As for the pictures... I wish that my camera had a better capacity in which to capture the remarkable colors and textures that these dishes have to offer.  I am finding that I have a wee bit of blog envy of those who have an artistic eye for photography and a snazzy camera to match.  My photos come from my well loved iphone and I have absolutely no photo shop experience what so ever.  However, just because we don't have the best of the best doesn't mean we don't try, right?


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  1. The pictures look great but they are missing a bottle of wine...


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