Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One of my very favorite people...

This guy, my Papa, is currently at my house.

I am not there.  I am in England by now, but he is there.

In the past 3 days he has swooped in like a super hero and:

Watched the small Witt children while Matt and I worked.  Took Matt to work when he lost his car keys in the ignition mind you, taken us to dinner twice, jotted down notes so he could WATCH OUR HOUSE AND OUR DOG AND OUR CAT while we are away.

I mean jeez.  I couldn't love and appreciate this guy anymore.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Regarding the Isenberg's...

Jensin -

The new graduate.  I adore you darling.  You are a beautiful and feisty young woman and I love your company.  The last six months have rocked your world but have not knocked you down.  Colorado is so lucky to get you!!  I cannot wait to see you grow in these next four years and I will be looking for you in the ski marketing industry come 2016! 

oh, and you totally rock at the double dutch!

Colby - 

You are a mentor. You have taught my children how to be kind to others.  This has recently touched my heart... A few weeks ago we were eating dinner at a friends where an imaginative four year old boy resides.  He wanted Noah to play dragons with him and I could tell Noah was not too interested.  I then notice a little bit later that Noah had become fully engaged with this boy and they were slaying all sorts of mystical creatures together.  When we said our good byes and began our drive home Noah offered his change of heart.  He said that he did not want to play that game with his smaller friend but then suddenly he remembered his cousin Colby and how he always played with him and made him feel special and he wanted be like that.

And I about wept.  Thank you.

Sherry - 

One of the most extraordinary women I have ever known.  Strong, independent, fierce... and loving and kind and thoughtful.  My children are always on your Christmas list, all while wearing your powerful business suit and hopping on international flights.  We are always on your guest list for holiday meals where you prepare a feast for royalty and yet it is just us.  This year is not your best.  You are faced with the challenge of your life.  A simple surgery gone awry.  5 months has passed since seeing you last, laying unconscious in ICU.  When you walked into the room this weekend my heart leaped with joy.  Walking, smiling, talking, spirit still there.  The children's daily prayers for you, answered.  You are recovering. 

The strength you show: amazing
The progress that you have made: defying
The depth of my feelings for you: indescribable    

Our prayers continue.  Our love is here for you.  And I await the call for a girls lunch in the city...

Marc - 
You are my hero.  
I sit in silent admiration of your grace and your courage.
You are an amazing man and I feel privileged to know you.

And to Papa, and Uncle Mike, and my Mom....  and Kiel and Marcia who were both missed this weekend...  I sit in peace because you are in my life and I love you all dearly.


Monday, June 18, 2012

For the record...

You are The Man...

Because first thing this Sunday/Father's day morning you got your drill out and fixed our broken door knob. And now we can go out the front door and shut it (naturally) and not say swear words when we realize we have to walk all the way around the house to get back in again.  Thank you.

Also, thank you for being the very best father to our family. You take care of us in so many ways it is impossible to count. You single handily make the three of us feel uniquely special through your kind words and unconditional love.  You are a gem of a man Mister Witt and we love you so.

Lastly, thank you to our Father's, both Matt and my own.  Thank you Mark, for thinking of us at 4am and calling at 7am with all the ideas you have about how we can live a better life.  How we can be secure and happy. Thank you for carrying a 50 pound button press all the way from Arizona so that I can one day make buttons again.  It is the little things you do that make me grin and feel loved.  Thank you Dad, for being awesome and hilarious and supportive and loving. And courageous and adventurous. To show me the way to a fun life that is filled with good intention ...and it is 11:11.  How about that???  


Love you all.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Yesterday, this girl...

put on some muckers.
stomped into the marsh.
emerged with a ginormous stick.
for her dear friend henry.
broke off the top.
handed it over.
then finished her rhubarb.

she has come a long way from her days in plastic heels and refusal to hike.

well done goosey.
proud of you.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last day of school dinner...

Looks like this:

Fresh garden green salad with shredded carrot and chopped plums dressed with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and VT maple syrup.

Per request of Mister Witt we had vegetarian chili cheese dogs!!  They were fantastic. I did run 5 miles this morning to burn this puppy off ;-)

The grand finally was a hit... Frozen bananas dipped in milky chocolate and rolled in treats.

peanut butter chips.

Yes please.

Then the Mister and I looked over the well deserved notes sent home by our awesome teachers.

The kids are amazing.  And at the risk of sounding boastful I must say one thing..


and i love ya.

and then we chowed!

and lastly, I thought it was super kick ass when Noah said our prayer and expressed thanks to me for, and I quote...

"these super righteously awesome chili cheese dogs, Amen"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let Summer Commence...

With a friendly breakfast that includes some friends and the sun... even if it was raining outside!


Chili Cheese Dogs (vegetarian of course)
Frozen chocolate covered bananas
 and a game or two?

I hate games...


Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I am loving...

special occasions that require a bit of dressing up.

A new dress that goes with and old belt. Feeling summery today.

My new photo wall. Thinking I like how it came out.

Mister Witt's new cut.  I think I have taken one step closer to domestic goddess(ism). The ability to cut a mister's hair was something I  have always envied and never dreamed of doing.  But when this man came home, quite upset, with the outcome of his chopped locks, well I woman(ed) up and made him all better.  I am quite satisfied in this. Not sure if I will attempt the whole head next time, we shall see.  If I do you can expect the same amount of gloating to follow ;-)


I am loving that I do not have any pictures of my kids to share.  You know why?  Because they were out loving life this weekend.  
Catching bugs, 
chasing snakes, 
playing with neighbors, 
eating peas from the garden, 
and letting the sun kiss their youthful skin.

I love summer.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Mister Witt...

cooked us up some granola...

and this morning he...
 chopped up dried fruits, 
mixed it in the oats, 
put it in a bag, 
placed it in my hands,
and sent me on my way... 

and it is the perfect mid-morning snack.

and that is not all.

because it is friday, we took a half day, and in exactly ninety minutes we will be headed home, to be together, to eat pad thai, from tiny thai, on the porch, or in the house, maybe watch a movie, or maybe hang some photos, maybe take a nap, and I hope it rains...

happy weekend folks!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Super grateful for time spent with a lovely lady, over dinner, on a cool summer night.  Getting to know folks around the Village is so exciting and is making this place feel more and more like home each and every day.  Thank you for the lovely flowers Kris and the engaging conversation.

More than excited to be traveling all the way to England in just a few weeks. My dad is 60 this year and we are headed over to celebrate, not only his birthday but his beautiful life.  When he moved so far away I sobbed with grief over that distance... but I realize now that his courage to follow his own dream gave me the courage to follow mine.  He has always given me the gift of freedom and the courage to believe in myself.  Now we will celebrate over a pint on a life well lived.  Can.Not.Wait.

Just a little proud of my two little chicks, who are not much like chicks anymore... heading into another summer after a school year well done.   I remember a time, when they were so much smaller, always trailing behind me every where I went.  Those little waddles have turned into great strides now and though I miss the days of constant contact I am full of joy in watching them grow.  Time to plan another back to school dinner for 5th and 3rd graders to be!!

Feeling more relaxed in our new space called home.  It is at 90 percent completion with the remaining 10 percent is put on the back burner until fall.  My afternoons are back to the regular grind and not filled with trips to Lowe's, paint buckets, manual labor, or furniture building and installing.  And my evenings are free to enjoy dinner with my family and snuggle Mister Witt on the already built ready for use couch.

 just a bit giddy at the living room transformation into family movie night viewing extravaganza! Chairs, couches, blankets, ice cream, dog, cat, cuddles oh my....

 and lastly, feeling over the moon in love...  Because life is good.  And it doesn't get old, to write it down here... I cry often, and get crabby, and argue with my kids, and get upset with my husband, and complain to my mom, and pout in my room.  I rarely write those things down, and I if I do it is usually not here... so let it be known that life is never perfect here, for me.  I upset easily and well up often.  But when Mister Witt looks lovingly across the room at me and makes his way over for a smooch and makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive... well, I must write that down because that is the very good stuff that one puts in her treasure box, for keeps you see.  Not to be forgotten and to be taken out when in need of a reminder...


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grilled pizza...

I prefer my pizza to be less traditional than most.

The thinner the crust the better.  
No red sauce, ever.  
Lite on the cheese and no grease please. 
Also, I grill my pizza. Which makes it awesome, more awesome than most.

Let's just go ahead and make it like this...


roll out your pizza dough, circle shape preferably.

Place on the grill for about 2 minutes then remove


spoon on the peanut sauce.  **I buy mine from a local thai restaurant b/c it is like liquid gold.

layer with sauteed scallions/carrots/bean sprouts and mozzerella cheese.


to place flatbread on the grill on super low heat until cheese begins to bubble.

enjoy a beverage while doing so.


remove from grill and sprinkle with chopped cilantro.

eat outside on a sunny evening with family and friends.


report back.


Monday, June 4, 2012

My postal pix came...

and they are so rad!

What to do with these new tangible photos?  

Not just to be flipped through on the apple screen but can be touched and turned, held and hung.  

The joy, the joy!

I am not ready to commit to photos in the house.

This is a sensitive situation, requiring thought and calculation...

Strung up on a string or lacquered to the wall?

Framed oh so nicely or held by mighties on the fridge...


I just might be up all night.

**if you are on instagram I am there too... brittanywitt

and you can order your photos from postal pix HERE!

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