Thursday, January 5, 2012

Epic Year.

In reflection of 2012 I realize what an epic year it has really been...

We moved to our Village officially on January 1st, the best decision we could have made. I fell in love with this view...

Brought the kids snowboarding for the very first time!

Met this special family who have made this village feel more like home than we could have ever imagined.

Bonded with winter root vegetables...

Ran into a farm and had a lovely early spring park dinner...

Watched SPRING come!!

Got super crafty and planned the most fantastic Easter celebration ever

I witnessed this...

I got a job and therefore started celebrating these...

I welcomed summer and its abundance of corn!!!


And survived yet another dance recital, PHEW!
Then my mom moved to The City, my very favorite city...

and we discovered this place... right down the street.

Then we had the most fantastic summer EVA!!

to be cont'd...


  1. Wow, what a great year in review, so glad to share it with you :)

  2. Loved all the picts and your year in review! Have an awesome weekend :D

  3. Wow, what a fab year! That last pic does deserve "the best sunset" award. My goodness!

  4. Awesome year you had. The last picture is beautiful!

    Check out mines sometime:

  5. OKAY.

    I just read you "dream" page immediately after clicking through from Casey Wiegand's...and I am IN LOVE with this blog. My husband and I talk similarly about things, trying to marry all of our wants and "where we are" in life with other dreams we have. AMAZING, AMAZING that you took a leap and I'm going to dive into your blog right now to read all about it!

    Following along and can't wait to read more! Stop by reverie any time!



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