Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying eggs 101...

Just kidding.  I am terrible at dying and decorating Easter Eggs!  

I intended to go all Martha Stewart on these this year, but lack of time and enthusiasm forced me into the grocery store to buy those horrible vinegar drops again.  I loathe vinegar.  But I love to watch the children create and have fun so I allow it in the house ONE time a year.

Grandma Mindy and I got quite lucky and stumbled onto a fabulous decorating set on Easter Eve.  We were actually on the hunt for a mezzaluna for a new summer obsession; the chopped salad.  That is a topic for another, warmer, day!  Check out this wild decorating spread.  There were tons of options.

Bowl o' eggs...

 Now onto the disgusting vinegar part.  Thank goodness my mom used to home make pickles and could handle that awful stuff.  That is probably why I despise it so very much, pickling was never anything I was interested in getting my hands in...  The children do not seemed phased by the horrid smell and carry on coloring every last white egg.

Gabrielle gives her eggs full attention.  She is creative with her colors but excited to get to the next one.    

Noah takes more of an artistic approach beginning a spotted egg that will showcase each color.  

They came out rather splendid I think...

don't you?

Monday, April 25, 2011

A blessed day...

Easter Sunday

This Witt family had a lovely time celebrating the Easter holiday in our quaint village town with very dear friends.  As the day came to a close my children were filled with a calm joy, my husband was sweetly appreciative, and I was feeling humbled by the blessings all around me.  
But what fun is it to jump to the end...

In fact, Easter started a good month ago when Bri and I conjured up a plan to have a  celebration together and it began with these sweet things...

Mrs. Taylor hand crafted these bunnies in the evening hours all of April.  I am in awe of the very talent she has for this art and was honored to dine at the table in which they were placed.

My Easter crafts were more of the eating kind.  I was smitten with a recipe, suitable for my little bunnies, that I had stumbled upon here.  It took a bit of trying before I found my technique but once I got the hang of it I could not be stopped!  Good thing I had my mother and Gabi there to lend a hand...

These were tons of fun to make and even more exciting to eat!  I was also responsible for bringing the sweets, a job I take very seriously.  Easter choice: carrot cake in cup form with cream cheese frosting and delicate adornments.

With the delicacies placed sweetly on their platters it was time to mosey.  How kind of the Taylor family to invite us into their home to spend the holiday together.  I would be fibbing if I said I wasn't feeling a touch of sadness; that the tradition of going to Grams and Papas wasn't weighing on my mind...  But they were thinking of us and we were thinking of them...

and we were greeted by our lovely hostess...

Mrs. Brianne Taylor

We caught up on some chit chat and then went straight to cooking!  

The menu; a delicious frittata served with bagels and juice.  Fruit was on my list and though I purchased it I had forgotten all about it while making those yummy sandwiches.  The kiwis and pineapple sat lonely in the fridge all day long.

My favorite part of the meal, the country table of course.  flowers.  bunnies.  a vintage setting.

a very handsome Witt boy.

I am so pleased with my little chickens today, though Noah would probably not appreciate the adoring name.  They were nothing but thoughtful and kind.  They entertained themselves and the lovely Beatrice.  They sat politely at the dinner table.  There was not a single complaint or unhappy moment.  It is not an easy job, to be a mother, and these are the moments when I beam with pride... These are the moments when all those times I have threatened their lives has paid off.

How sweet is little Bea.  Not to mention her Easter dress is handmade by her mother, she looked just darling.  She was on her best behavior as well, though that is nothing out of the ordinary for this sweet pea.
A toast....

Noah and Gabrielle were delighted to accompany Bea on her first egg hunt in the backyard!  Who doesn't love a good egg hunt?

The fresh air on this spring day felt brilliant.  After this seemingly ever-lasting winter season we needed this!

The last photo of the day really captures the silly joy we were allowing ourselves to have.   I feel simply blessed for this day, this life.

See you next year Easter Sunday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love marriage for the same reason I love the weather, it is always changing.  It is not always perfect and the bitter times make the better times shine even brighter.  

With that said...

This week was brutal.  A tense husband, two wild animals for children, and a full moon on the rise!

I sent an email to a friend Friday afternoon.  I explained that I would be over later that day to deliver some goods unless, that is, if I decided rather to pack my bags and run off to Paris for a Frenchman and a danish...  

I was seriously considering it.

You know what she did?  She picked up my children!  And she fed them!  And put them to bed!

I knew Mr. Witt wanted to take me on a romantic date, I also knew I was annoying him to no end.  So I gave him a kiss...

and he couldn't help but soften.
then we went out.  for the first time in what seems like forever. and it was so FUN!

We ordered dank Vermont beer and a delicious red and we sat fireside...

Then came the Vermont maple rosemary bar nuts, to die for...

We then ordered a cheese board that has the ability  to melt the world  away.  Three wonderful cheese choices, all locally made.  The apple butter and toasted almonds pair perfectly.  This is the very reason I want to marry Vermont.

Then a romantic stroll, down a twinkling Church Street, to cap the evening.

Marriage restored.

 Now, it would be so nice if the story ended this way.  BUT we still had to spend the rest of the weekend together.  Painting the loft of all things.  Matt is a taper and an edger and I am an open the paint as fast as you can, get the color on the roller, and slap it on kind of gal.  It drives him insane.  I also like to put the furniture back while he is still in the process of painting (can you say OCD), and that makes his face turn red.  I also like to point and laugh at him as much as possible, so when he got tons of paint in his flowing locks (because of my moving the furniture while he wasn't looking) I was hysterical...he was not.

Not to worry.  We finished late Sunday.  Crawled our weary bodies into bed.  We cheersed our life, him with a ruby ale and me with a WATER... and kissed.  Then we watched the office and shared a tear over the departure of Michael Scott.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello spring, you old dog you...


It has been so many moons since I have last experienced this seasonal phenomenon.  Spring in the Sonoran desert lasts exactly one day and yields a single color blossom; yellow.  One day the weather is warm, the next it is surface of the sun HOT!  I barely remember the teaser spring can be!  Small signs of life returning to its beauty like these lovelies I spotted on a morning run.  

I can hardly breathe knowing what is in store for us this summer.

To my surprise the picture from my window stays continually the same each day.  The grass is still fighting the urge to sleep.  Not a single leave has adorned the stoic twig.  And do I dare say SNOW?

As I tap my fingers impatiently while gazing at this weekends weather I realize that spring, sadly, is my least favorite of the seasons.  It holds the hope of a warm breeze but delivers a blustery one.  It promises future bike rides but snows on your Saturday.  The calendar date says open your windows but the teeth chattering wind says no, no... not just yet.

Perhaps next weekend, we'll get lucky??

Monday, April 11, 2011

A homemade birthday

So despite any effort to make this fabulous weekend last another day, Monday showed up on schedule as usual.

Mr. Witt was super appreciative of his homemade birthday.  I must admit feeling a bit joyful from  all the preparations, but also slightly regretful that I have not been doing this all along. 
Lesson learned: just a little heart can go a long way!

#1. Banner Making

 I am most excited about my very first homemade banner!  Not only can we use this four times a year, but on the reverse is beautiful green material and a poke a dotted Happy Easter!

This fine tool is called a Cricut.  It gracefully cuts paper and/or fabric into many forms including wonderful letters to adorn a delightful banner.  I do not own this beauty but the friend who does was gracious enough to help me learn the Cricut trade and stay up late to see the project to its finish! 

#2. Treats

First you need a plan.

and a helper...

or two!

delicious ingredients for some fantastical treats!

and presentation is a must.

#3. Friends

The kids had a blast together and as always Noah was as sweet as ever with the baby.  And Mr. Taylor brought the ultimate man gift if i have ever seen one...

#4. Gifts

Mixed nuts and a yo-yo,  Enough said.

A card from the wifey with a small note.

gifts from Papa and Grams, for EVERYONE! 

Matt's for turning 32, Noah's for a great report card, Gabi's for being a great dancer and mine...
Just for being good.
 Thanks Papa, your kindness is cherished by all.

Lastly, a sunday excursion to the local park.  Spring is in the air.
You are a handsome man Mr. Witt and I love you.  

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