Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer foooooood.....

 I do not know how my body survived this winter without all the summer food I adore.  I practically starved to death.  Wine and cheese with a touch of cereal saved my life.  Literally

For a person that enjoys multiple servings from the fruit family a day and lived in the orange mecca of the world, I was a mess.  But look what has popped up...


Oh how I have missed you.  Desperately.

So to celebrate... a dinner on the grill on a Saturday with a beer.  I don't even drink beer!

Two veggie burgers for man and child, grilled lettuce and asparagus, and a yummy piece of Canadian salmon just for little ol' me.

 A new summer drink, introduced by a Mr. Taylor, sparkling water with a slash of juice.  All the deliciousness of a carbonated soda without the hideous soda ingredients.  LOVE!

An IPA in a tall glass.  I have learned, for myself, to sip beer like a fine wine or a cheap wine.  Not only do I like it... I LOVE IT!

There it is, my favorite meal.  Simple, lite, scrumptious, and warm. 

I am so thrilled to be reunited with my grill.  The last time I was with you the wind had  
knocked you over!  
When I ran out to save you the wind knocked me over and when I finally got you up it knocked us down together.  First I cried, then laughed, because it was hilarious.  Then I called Matt at work and cried again.  You are a little banged up but you still work just fine. 
And legion joined us....


  1. Absolutely the best picture of Legion ever! Hands Down! Thumbs up...

  2. I know! You can almost see the person he is going to be in his next lifetime...


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