Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DId I ever tell ya how I met the Doctor??

So there is this doctor, one who is dedicated to health and wellness, in a well rounded sort of way.  Of course, I receive emails from him quite often... ones with updates and recipes and personal family vacation photos...you know, the ones you sign up for **wink wink - not the kind that come from someone you actually know!


I did meet him once.

You can see him HERE in case you are teetering on knowing whom it is I speak of.  His name is Dr. Weil and he makes the most fantastic teriyaki dish in all the land.  It is not only the perfect choice on the menu for the taste buds but it also matches the decor!  And the iced green tea is just lovely.  and the edamame dumplings and the temphe burger and the greek hummus...

anyways... here is the meeting a long story short sort of way...

Papa, UK, Gabi goose (age 3.5) and me at a table at Dr. Weil's True foods eating this very dish.  Kiel spots a one Mr. Sam Fox, restaurant icon in the sonoran desert area.  We spot him dining with the one and only Dr. Weil only a few feet away.  I almost faint.  Kiel begs me not to do or say anything.  I agree, biting my lip.  Papa pays for our lunch (because he treated me to lunch weekly for years and they were some of the best afternoons I have ever had).  Kiel and Papa get up normally and exit the restaurant.  I try and follow suit.  I gather Gabrielle's 500 playthings and her blanket and my purse.  She hops down in her cute pigtails.  I turn to exit just as my fellow companions just did.  I knock the outdoor umbrella with my purse and it teeters to the point that it almost falls directly on the doctor and Mr. Fox and their guests.  After an eternity passes and the umbrella doesn't strike my health hero in the head at his own restaurant I see them all staring right at me.

So did I play it cool?

of course.

I proceeded to tell them all how amazing their new eatery was.  How much I enjoyed my lunch.  How much I loved Mister Weil.  How I thought eating out there in the same patio with him was like eating right next to Brad Pitt.  Yes, I said Brad Pitt... 

He smiled big and laughed and was super kind.  I heard one of them say that 'that was awesome' as I walked away.

Then I met Kiel at the car and told him all about it and when we were safe with in the closed doors and windows I screamed and shook my head all around.  Kiel laughed and was thankful he left before me.

and that's how I met the Doctor.



  1. I love, love, love this story and I'm glad you immortalized in your blog.

  2. Hooray for you for playing it cool. I don't know if I could have pulled it off. :)


  3. Love the story...but that food, OMG! Who needs meat?!? AHmazing and longing for a bite now :D


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