Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling Blue...

I love a Monday and I love a New Year.  I love starting over/do overs/rewinds/and moving on.  I embrace change and live for new adventures.  

But amidst all the resolutions and exciting new year starts I am left feeling a bit like a lost bird.  I have my sights on many things but my take off gear is sputtering.

Today I am going to sew something.
Tomorrow I am going to go to the gym.
This weekend I am going to organize my closet.
This month I am going to celebrate my oldest child turning ten in a big way.

As for everything else ...

I am also going to be on the look out for these, because my Papa is sending some my way!!  And if you know me, I do not share when it comes to oranges that are shipped in a box. 



  1. Nothing complements the Blues better than Orange!

  2. I love fruit delivered to my doorstep in a box. For some reason it just taste so much better! Erase those blues away....oranges are on the way:D


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