Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Digits

Dear Noah,

Yesterday you turned ten years old.  Double digits.  A big deal.  We had a great day!

What stood out to me the most on your big day was the simple fact that not once, all day long, did you show one sign for anticipation of a gift.  This is not the first year this has happened and I assume not the last... each year it is a truly genuine display of your altruistic nature.  And then, way into the evening, when we did present you with a gift, you were uninterested due to the distraction of your father's toast to you...

Your tears of love and joy were in fact, a gift to us.

Now... you are not always selfless dear child.  Many days you can show a relentlessness like I have never seen.  Once you know of something you desire your intent to pursue it is exhausting.  Making me drive back into town because a fellow peer has acquired a quarter slot gem from the local supermarket fuels an annoyance in me that is so grand fire erupts...  HOWEVER, when truly put to the test you tend to come out on top.  You genuinely know what is right.  What is good.  What is important.  And that is not an easy thing to know OR to teach.  I am happy that you posses this inner compass.  I am proud of you in that.

Things I love about you at 10:

You have a great sense of humor kido.  I am not saying that I always get your humor or in the mood for it, but I am delighted that you have one.

Your studious nature.  You are always on top of your schoolwork, you always have interesting questions, your mind is alive and bright.

Your handsomeness.  I know you will roll your eyes at this one but it must be stated.

Your non competitive nature.  I LOVE this about you.

Your independence.  It is something to admire.  You are not aloof or untrustworthy.  I know you can walk your sister home from school and keep her safe at all costs.  When engaged in activity that isn't appropriate or safe you are able to walk away.  You are a silent leader.  This is a special attribute Noah, one that will allow you an amazing life...

Your heart.  Because it is honest.  Because you feel so deeply with it.

You are my first born, my only son, my biggest challenge, and the one who saved me.  You bring out the worst in me and inspire me to be better.  You teach me.  You know me.  You are everything and I love you unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Kido. 

 then, she {snapped}


  1. The kid is amazing. So are you. And the other kid and the mister too.

  2. You're not so bad yourself... You and your Sue ;-)

  3. Love the last picture of him sitting in that well worn red chair commanding the world. And you are right, he is a handsome boy!

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful young man! Happy birthday to him!

  5. This is so sweet. Love the photo at the end.

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  6. what a super sweet post!! 10?! Where does it go...i about had a break down when my daughter turned 5...10 will be rough ;)

  7. Happy birthday and this is such a beautiful post. What an amazing son you have.

  8. This is so beautifully written! Happy birthday to your son. My daughter is now 9 and a half, it is such a lovely age :-).
    thanks for visiting my blog, am following you back


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