Mr. Mathew Witt

Thirty two years old.  
A darling of a man.  
Devoted husband and father; a family man to the core.  

Look at him with these cuties.  They adore him.

But before them...

A scholar.  An artist.  A musician.  A writer A traveler.  A romantic.

After them...
Still all of these things but suffers from extreme exhaustion and the inability to focus.  Went to the doctor once to see what was wrong.  Diagnosis: married with two children.  Poor dear.

My favorite things about him are:  

  1. his gratitude for life and its truly wonderful experience.
  2. his need less ness.
  3. his love of knowledge and continual exploration in learning.
  4. his humor; that has grown on me more and more over the years
  5. his uncanny ability to laugh at himself even during extreme pain and/or embarrassment. 

I love this man.

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