Monday, May 23, 2011

Has anyone noticed that I am totally smitten with my new home state? 

I mean look at these lilacs...

They are blooming EVERYWHERE!

The weather could not be more glorious.

I awoke at quite an unusual hour during what is usually a complete blackout time for me.  You know what it was that caused my ears to open?  A most delicious breeze.
It was stirring the maple I sleep rather close to each night.   The leaves sounded oh so joyful even during that dark dark hour.  Also, that lovely wind blew in the most delicious scent of these purple petals.  It was SO great.  And I was glad to be awake.

I decided I like these guys so much that I went ahead and invited them to lunch.  We had a plate of raw veggies; including my fav...avocado!

The drink is obviously color inspired.  Seltzer water with a splash, or two, of grape juice.  It was slightly reminiscent of Grape Soda!



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