Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tell us how you really feel!

So I am many things.

Naive is definitely one of them.  I like to think of it as more of an innocence.  I choose not to be educated in such things that bring distress, come from wickedness, or showcase corruptness.

I have a situation on my hands, one that is totally corrupt, horribly wicked, and causing me great distress. 

Does it say gullible behind me or am I just a turkey?? 
Long story short...

Car salesman sold me a car in 2007.
He swore up and down left and right that there were no mileage restrictions on a Smart Buy.
I believed him.
I signed a doc with a blank mileage line and left.
After I drove home they altered the doc and countersigned.  
I am now 50,000 miles over.
God Damn It.

Well I may be naive, but I am not an IDIOT!

That is illegal, not to mention rude.


                                         1. Buy the car, that I do not want, and eat a big one.
                                         2. Fight the man.

but I have a secret weapon....

...and this won't be the first time he and I have fought money grubbing criminals together.

You think you are sneaky, but we see you.

How do I feel about big banks, corporate conglomerates, and big government you ask?

I think they are all a bunch of Mother Cussers.  That's right.

You know what I wish for them?


You know why?

I feel sorry for them.  

I feel badly that they spend their precious time on Earth in the pursuit of monetary gains.  I feel like they will fight their way all the way to the top; only to be either knocked off by the next guy or die up there wondering what it is that they missed.

I like my simple life and our discovery of a different sort of living. 

Better luck next time boys...


  1. Best of luck with the fight! Hang tough and righteous.

  2. You have the best secret weapon! Hope he chops them into little pieces! xxx


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