Thursday, May 12, 2011

Four Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Five...


Well done Noah Matthew!  I am not only impressed with your accomplishment but delighted to watch the enthusiasm with which you read.  How I grin when I find you up early with the birds to get an extra chapter in.  How thrilling to hear of your heart beating fast during an intense scene.  How I love that you have finished your very first book series!

I mean, WOW!  This calls for celebration...

And how do Vermonters celebrate?  Ben and Jerry's of course!  It was so fun to surprise you!

Phish food, Half Baked, Chocolate syrup, and Whipped Cream!!

Your dad kind of looks like a character out of your books, doesn't he?  A professor perhaps?  What would his talent be you think?

It is now 7:00pm on a Wednesday night... there are dishes to be done, lunches to pack, showers to take, baseball laundry to do, and beds to jump in...

No thanks, I still feel like celebrating!

and nothing says celebrate like an evening breeze blowing on your cheeks while cruising on a bicycle.

 So we rode all the way down to the lake to watch the sunset

Thanks for giving us something to celebrate Noah.  Life sure is sweet at the moment.  
Now the only question is, What to read next?

The Rald Dahl Collection, good choice!

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  1. Well done Noah! It's great that you have the passion to read - never let it fade!!


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