Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beginning of a New England Summer...

Well yesterday was just lovely.  
My arms actually saw the light of day.   
The sun beams actually reached the surface of my skin.
I actually felt...warmth.  
It was yummy.  
I smiled all the way home.

To celebrate this glorious day; Mexican food!  My Favorite.

 This is a favorite dish dating back to 1985.  When mom said we were having dip my brother and I literally jumped for joy.  Organic re fried beans, taco seasoned sour cream (Vermont brand of course), and fresh ingredients to pile high!

 I also discovered local tortilla chips and they are delicious!  The house on the package is clearly in Arizona.  I know this because  Saguaro's are indigenous to Arizona and I am pretty sure I have passed that house once or twice on my way to California; somewhere right outside Gila Bend.  Good Grief that drive is terrible.  Thank goodness for Dairy Queen blizzards to take the edge off!  I never did have one of those weird Date Shakes.

 We had some pretty delicious pineapple smoothie shakes last night with our dip though!  Just fresh pineapple,  some ice, and a squeeze of Agave Nectar.   This is the most, all time, refreshing drink on hot summer days.

So there you have it.  Thursday night dinner, outside, in the warmth of a New England summer,  
enjoyed by all...

After dinner we engaged in some warm weather activities...

 Noah got in some much needed time with a ball.

Gabrielle got artistic with some chalk. 
It is refreshing to see a color besides white dress that tired old walk way...

Mr. Witt and I enjoyed the pure beauty that surrounds.  What a dream we are living these days.  So much change, so much excitement.  So wonderful to see the Earth come bursting out of its hibernating state.  I can feel the pulsation of life all around me.  The plants are growing, the wind is blowing, the bugs are crawling, the sun is shining...  Not to mention the birds are chirping, the clouds are moving, and the rivers are running.  I do not feel alone here.  I definitely feel my place within it.  And I know that the Mr. does too...

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