Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday Fun Night...

So the fast few weeks have been a bear.  That saying,  "no rest for the weary"... that about sums it up. One task following another, sharing only mere glances with my Mr., and being all business with the children.  Homework, showers, consuming food, and bedtime.  This pretty much equals NO FUN AT ALL.

A family night was in order.  A celebration if you will...

for the love of fridays
for the love of pizza
for the love of a gigantic couch bed
for the love of redbox movies
for the love of cake
for the love of sparklers
for the love of the happy dance
for the love of family
for the love of cuddling
for the love of LOVE.

Pictures are grainy and dark, but I hope the happiness of the surprise Happy Friday Celebration shines bright through the not so great photos...

Witt family motto: Make Fridays Count!


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