Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

I can barely believe it is the end of October, for this beautiful month just flew by!  I desperately wish I had some amazingly cute craft to share or some ghoulish pics of our Shelburne Halloween extravaganza, but I do not.  Boo!  
However, I do have a plan to save face!  This evening I will be mixing up the warm Halloween stew for a hearty meal before all that trick or treating and I will also be serving this to my Harry Potter and Gargoyle Fairy...

Can't wait!

So this will be our second Halloween spent in Vermont.  Last year was particularly ghastly.  The town of Brandon and its residents really do go all out with decorations, spooky music, creepy witches lurking about.  It was great.  This year we are a bit farther north and will be prowling the elementary school neighborhood with new friends.

I must admit to LOVING a proper Halloween with chilly temps, howling winds, blowing leaves, the works...  But this spooky holiday brings back the very best memories.  Memories of our posse on Old Paint Trail, back in the desert.  Amazing neighbor hood friends, 6 foot subs, soda and a beer wagon, and some hilarious costumes come to mind when thinking back.  I was always cursing the weather, I was always wishing for New England Night.  I have my wish now and I am grateful...but I am ever so grateful for those amazing memories.  Miss you fine Phoenix Folks!!  Happy Halloween to you!

***despite the absence of a chill in the air, howling winds, or falling leaves there was 

And because I was thinking of a ghoulishly past I gave in to the old photo temptations last night...

This is one of my all time favorite Halloween moments.  Uncle jay showing up as Woody to pair up with his sidekick Buzz for a night to remember.  You are simply the best Jay Allen and I miss you so...

 I think this was Noah's idea, to feed his sister to the candy monster...

His tactic worked... for she was not eaten showing it safe for costume posing!

Noah's idea to be Peter Pan and Tink.



I hope you all have a ghostly evening filled with fun and laughter.  I will be bundling up for temps in the 30's and 40's, YIKES!!

Happy Halloween to you Chantal, found this cute pic and couldn't resist!! 



  1. Wow. You got to love the beer wagon!

  2. May be not so much when it comes to the cat poop!
    You have a wonderful collection of memories that will last for ever!!

  3. Those are some awesome costumes! And the cat box - yuck!!


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