Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Dancer...

Today was a special day.  Today I was invited in to watch Gabrielle dance.  For it was one of the most lovely moments I have had in a while.  The music was delightful and her movements were graceful.  I always wondered what it would be like to be a dancer.  It is probably something I will never know.  But Gabi has chosen it as a part of her life and I am grateful to witness her grow with instruction.

Now call me around May 15th and ask how much I love dance!!  Those recitals are something else...rehearsals and costumes, make up/no make up, the hair bows and extra tights and flowers and FOOD and everything I forgot and wish I could do over even after calendars and planners and lists!  

Then ask me following the performance.  When I have those tearful mom eyes that are full of pride.  The efforts pay off and the joy is there.  And, most importantly, Gabrielle loves it.  She mentioned to me that some of her friends at school do not understand why she dances (boys and girls), they say things that children say, without thinking of feelings.  But my goosie is strong and she replies (to me of course) that she would like to see some of those boys and girls get through one of her classes, for they are tough and not for the weary hearted.

That's my girl ;-)

Thanks for having me darling...



  1. Dancing and singing have to be the most fulfilling crafts the human body can achieve.... and not everyone has the capacity to do it! I hope that Gabi dances forever!

  2. The kid is truly special! Keep dancing Gabi!


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