Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This weekend we...

Spent some much needed time as a family.
Relished in the beautiful spring weather.
Stacked a beautiful wood pile on the side of our house.
Watched my Mister build some kick ass cedar garden boxes.
Worked in the community garden. With the community.
Ate the most amazing local food, on the front porch.

and the list goes on. 

But the best part of the weekend, the part making it the very best.weekend.ever.  It was simply the joy.  The joy of being together, being a mother, being a wife, being alive, being grateful, drinking it in.  All of it.


The small tokens of appreciation didn't help at all or anything ;-)

1.  My very own Mister Witt read aloud a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.  To My Mother.  It was beautiful. It was intellectual. I will remember that forever.

2.  Noah wrote me his very own Poem.  Thank you dear Noah, I will treasure the 10 year old(ness) of this fine piece of literature for the rest of my days.

3.  The loveliest flowers in all the land, made by In Full Bloom, my most favorite flower shop in the Universe.  AND, the loveliest flower shop owner delivered them to my begging husband, outside her door, after shop hours, during dinner hours, due to his forgetfulness, and she smiled and gave them to him at no charge... and then they made plans for her to dine with us, at our home, and that will be such a special gift indeed.

4.  Then the kicker.  Gabrielle and her song.  She wrote me a song... ME.  The boys joined in to perform it.  Of course there were tears.  Then there was a 2nd performance so that I could take a video. So that I could watch it for the rest of the day every 5 minutes.  Then at work. Then in my car. Then again in the kitchen while I swept the floor. And again today.  And again and again...

Life is grand.

Happy Mother's Day
You are so beautiful
You are so kind 
You are the best snuggler

You are a creative mom
If you werenot here
Dad would have no wife
He would have no kids

You are the greatest mom
that anyone
could ever ask
could ever ask for

You really outdo yourself
With your white bean salad
We think your grand
We think your great
We think you're better than an ape

When you speak your words
There is magic
You have a sparkle 
In your eyes

This is your day
Enjoy your day
Happy Mother's Day.


You can read HERE just how I feel about my children... and being their mother.



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