Monday, May 7, 2012

The moon rose...

and I survived.


But there were highlights to this moonlit weekend:

Hanging out with the most amazing people in the North East Kingdom.  It is a place people, and it definitely lives up to its name.

Visiting a place reminiscent of the towns Spectre and The Village.  Its white buildings and pristine town green give a feeling of heaven on Earth sprinkled with a pinch of eerie.

Listening to Seth and May play their inspiring music for a second time in one week.  I have been humming one particular song all.morning.long.

Getting to see my very own Mister on a stage with Chris and Phillip.  You did amazing and it was a joy to see you play.

Watching four frolicking children on a perfectly beautiful Sunday, out in the green grass under a very blue sky.

Sitting on a blanket and listening to Matt play his guitar during above mentioned frolicking. Grass still green. Sky still blue. Life still amazing.

Learning about maps and loons from Corrie and Clare, smart women they are.

Lake Caspian.  Watching a young boy squeal in delight as he submerges his naked body in that frigid water.  Brave I tell you.  Apparently our offspring still require 80 degree pools for they barely made it past their toes.  I didn't even touch it ;-)

Coming home.  Living in the most precious place on Earth.

the end.


1 comment:

  1. sounds like the makings of a wonderful afternoon! hope you are now settled in and enjoying the new home!


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