Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is recital weekend...

Please help me be a better dance mom.
And remember all the hair ties.
And to make a good bun.
 And to turn the costume upside down on the hanger.
And to not forget extra tights.
Or the ballet slippers.
Or the flowers.
And to smile and enjoy and not stress or worry. And to make Gabi feel like she is the bestest and that she owns this. 
pray for me. the frantic mom who was never a dancer and has no idea what she is doing. the only mom who sneaks her child on stage without all that make up and who can still see her just fine from the audience. the one who better learn how to make a bun WITHOUT wispies because she is not three anymore and the other mothers stare... seriously pray.
"I don't know mom, something about ballet just relaxes me.  I just love it."  
 - Gabrielle 2012

"Some of the kids at school were making fun of dance, but I would like to see them do my class for an hour.  It is hard, just as hard as other sports! And I don't care, I love to dance." 
- Gabrielle beginning of school year 2011


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pictures. Great reminders. She loves it. I will pray for your peace.=)


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