Friday, May 18, 2012


We met when we were thirteen.
We ran away together at twenty + 1.

Though reason should have been a deterrent
Our souls insisted otherwise.

We had a baby
sealing the fate only the universe knew. then.

Our love was young 
 and not what you might think.

Tumultuous and turbulent
young and naive.

We lived a life together 
for eight whole years.  

We had another baby.
We were a family. 

We were connected at times 
and sometimes just going through the motions. 

We grew.
Together and apart.

But remained connected. 
and fiercely committed.

And we shared a dream. 
One to live in the woods.  

In a place far and away.
where we both understood. 

We discussed it regularly.  .

We knew what we were looking for:

walks in the forest
dips in the river
warm summer breezes
cold winter nights
pumpkin picking
and bicycle riding.

We knew the life we wanted to live. For our kids.  With each other.

But something unexpected happened.  Something our souls had always known.  All the longing to be here.  All the wishing and the dreaming.  It was for all those things and something else.

We followed our dreams...

and fell madly in love.

the end.


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