Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying eggs 101...

Just kidding.  I am terrible at dying and decorating Easter Eggs!  

I intended to go all Martha Stewart on these this year, but lack of time and enthusiasm forced me into the grocery store to buy those horrible vinegar drops again.  I loathe vinegar.  But I love to watch the children create and have fun so I allow it in the house ONE time a year.

Grandma Mindy and I got quite lucky and stumbled onto a fabulous decorating set on Easter Eve.  We were actually on the hunt for a mezzaluna for a new summer obsession; the chopped salad.  That is a topic for another, warmer, day!  Check out this wild decorating spread.  There were tons of options.

Bowl o' eggs...

 Now onto the disgusting vinegar part.  Thank goodness my mom used to home make pickles and could handle that awful stuff.  That is probably why I despise it so very much, pickling was never anything I was interested in getting my hands in...  The children do not seemed phased by the horrid smell and carry on coloring every last white egg.

Gabrielle gives her eggs full attention.  She is creative with her colors but excited to get to the next one.    

Noah takes more of an artistic approach beginning a spotted egg that will showcase each color.  

They came out rather splendid I think...

don't you?

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