Monday, April 11, 2011

A homemade birthday

So despite any effort to make this fabulous weekend last another day, Monday showed up on schedule as usual.

Mr. Witt was super appreciative of his homemade birthday.  I must admit feeling a bit joyful from  all the preparations, but also slightly regretful that I have not been doing this all along. 
Lesson learned: just a little heart can go a long way!

#1. Banner Making

 I am most excited about my very first homemade banner!  Not only can we use this four times a year, but on the reverse is beautiful green material and a poke a dotted Happy Easter!

This fine tool is called a Cricut.  It gracefully cuts paper and/or fabric into many forms including wonderful letters to adorn a delightful banner.  I do not own this beauty but the friend who does was gracious enough to help me learn the Cricut trade and stay up late to see the project to its finish! 

#2. Treats

First you need a plan.

and a helper...

or two!

delicious ingredients for some fantastical treats!

and presentation is a must.

#3. Friends

The kids had a blast together and as always Noah was as sweet as ever with the baby.  And Mr. Taylor brought the ultimate man gift if i have ever seen one...

#4. Gifts

Mixed nuts and a yo-yo,  Enough said.

A card from the wifey with a small note.

gifts from Papa and Grams, for EVERYONE! 

Matt's for turning 32, Noah's for a great report card, Gabi's for being a great dancer and mine...
Just for being good.
 Thanks Papa, your kindness is cherished by all.

Lastly, a sunday excursion to the local park.  Spring is in the air.
You are a handsome man Mr. Witt and I love you.  

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  1. What a family! A family with a banner rocks!!


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