Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Regarding the Isenberg's...

Jensin -

The new graduate.  I adore you darling.  You are a beautiful and feisty young woman and I love your company.  The last six months have rocked your world but have not knocked you down.  Colorado is so lucky to get you!!  I cannot wait to see you grow in these next four years and I will be looking for you in the ski marketing industry come 2016! 

oh, and you totally rock at the double dutch!

Colby - 

You are a mentor. You have taught my children how to be kind to others.  This has recently touched my heart... A few weeks ago we were eating dinner at a friends where an imaginative four year old boy resides.  He wanted Noah to play dragons with him and I could tell Noah was not too interested.  I then notice a little bit later that Noah had become fully engaged with this boy and they were slaying all sorts of mystical creatures together.  When we said our good byes and began our drive home Noah offered his change of heart.  He said that he did not want to play that game with his smaller friend but then suddenly he remembered his cousin Colby and how he always played with him and made him feel special and he wanted be like that.

And I about wept.  Thank you.

Sherry - 

One of the most extraordinary women I have ever known.  Strong, independent, fierce... and loving and kind and thoughtful.  My children are always on your Christmas list, all while wearing your powerful business suit and hopping on international flights.  We are always on your guest list for holiday meals where you prepare a feast for royalty and yet it is just us.  This year is not your best.  You are faced with the challenge of your life.  A simple surgery gone awry.  5 months has passed since seeing you last, laying unconscious in ICU.  When you walked into the room this weekend my heart leaped with joy.  Walking, smiling, talking, spirit still there.  The children's daily prayers for you, answered.  You are recovering. 

The strength you show: amazing
The progress that you have made: defying
The depth of my feelings for you: indescribable    

Our prayers continue.  Our love is here for you.  And I await the call for a girls lunch in the city...

Marc - 
You are my hero.  
I sit in silent admiration of your grace and your courage.
You are an amazing man and I feel privileged to know you.

And to Papa, and Uncle Mike, and my Mom....  and Kiel and Marcia who were both missed this weekend...  I sit in peace because you are in my life and I love you all dearly.


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