Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Trifecta.

What changes a year can bring.

Last year we had a sweet homemade birthday for Mister Witt in a little loft in a still very new Village life. This year my darling husband spent his birthday in his very own Village home, that he bought for us... and well, it is nothing short of wonderful.

The birthday trifecta was this:

Easter Sunday Birthday:             righteous day
Turning Thirty-three:                  righteous number
Taking place in year 2012:         righteous year

I secretly thought that maybe space aliens would come for a visit and tell us the secrets of the world.  What else would one need to expect something other worldly to happen??  Sadly, our rooftop landing station remained vacant and we had to bide our time doing more earthly things.  This turned out okay too though...

A gift (or two):

A walk:

and two hipster children to adore...

They dress themselves now you know.  And I must admit, relinquishing control on dressing them like dolls was nothing short of excruciating.  

Once, there was a fire near our Arizona home.  It was getting quite serious and I was home alone waiting for an evacuation.  So I gathered all of Gabrielle's clothes and put them in my car, just in case. she was three. true story. 

My memories of their baby/toddlerhood, if you will, often greatly relates to an outfit they wore.  So when i say it was hard to give up, I mean it was hard to give up!   But the joy of seeing their outfits revealed each morning now far surpasses the joy I took in laying out their clothes in what now seems a life time ago...

Oh jeez... were we talking about a birthday?

Well it was lovely!  A day of being at home, together, turning the best.age.yet.

You have a whole year of 33 darling, make it a good one ;-)




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