Friday, April 6, 2012

0 + one....

My god do I love me a baby.

You know how mothers all have different ages that they are particuliarly good at or just fond of?

When I was preggo with Gabrielle a close friend was also having a little girl.  We had babies a week apart.  I used to laugh because she was alomst totally bored with a new born, hoping that it would get bigger quick and do something already.

Not me though.

I loved it and wanted it to last forever.

But now I have big kids.  The ones I cursed at the play ground for running past my sweet toddler and being TO CRAZY.  These play grounds aren't for you, don't you have school or something?  
And now I laugh at those ridiculous mothers who think their toddler owns the play ground... sheesh!  

And now I  love having big kids.  But they got big too fast and I wish I could have two more little ones, for old times sake.  But that isn't going to happen... 

So I feel so very privledged when I am invited to hang out with smaller ones!  And last night a certain smaller friend turned one.  We celebrated with the perfect taco (not soggy at all), amazing guacamole (mine of course), and song plus cake too...

Sweet older brother kept his eye on the cake the entire evening.  I am sure he was making sure it was safe and sound for dear Samantha.

and he did a great job!

and Samantha took her very fist bite of cake.  handmade by brother of course.

and Henry approved of the outcome...

and we let Mister Witt have some too!

Happy birthday small friend, can't wait to watch you grow!


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  1. I was able to get my baby fix over the weekend since we finally got to meet our new little nephew. Could not stop smellin' him! And of course now, I want one!


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