Monday, June 27, 2011

a homemade birthday...

So, birthday's are an interesting twist to the role as Mother.

They have to be carefully thought out and planned just so.

They must be thoughtful enough so that the birthday person is left with a smile and a feeling of importance.  However, it also must be kept simple so that the same little person is not left feeling lost in a ridiculous spin of events.

So I had an idea...


What better way to celebrate a child that is always blooming?
Gabrielle is literally my very own sprouting bud. 

The inspiration for this floral extravaganza?  One of the best shops in Shelburne of course...

six girls, a Ms. Kris, and an afternoon with the most delicious flowers around!

I just love seven year old girls.  It is the age of dolls  and butterflies, imagination and more.  They were all smiles upon arrival to the event.

I think every one of them was happy to spend the afternoon in this flower shop. I could not have been  more pleased and hoped Gabrielle felt the same as I.

Kris was a delightful hostess and we all enjoyed her knowledge of the flowers and teaching us a thing or two about the arranging of them...

There was lots of careful concentration placed on the task before these darlings.   

It was such a pleasure to see each personality shine through in their bouquets

Well done little ladies.  You did a fine job with your arrangements. 

They are as beautiful as you are!

And a big thank you to our floral hostess and all of her expertise.  If you find yourself traveling a Vermont road, just passing thru, you should do yourself a favor and visit her HERE !

Now that was just loads of fun but the party simply cannot end there...


Featured here

And here --->

I had the very best time planning the table.  I think the girls enjoyed it too...

The straws are paper, the cupcakes are floral, and the milk is local...

A big thanks to the Taylor's for hosting in their village yard too!

 Make a wish love... 

                                                                                                                   I hope it comes true!!

 Thank you friends for joining in on Gabi's big day.  It was simply a pleasure...

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  1. Makes me wish I was seven again. Cute flowers, cup cakes and best friends... Wonderful!


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