Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Dearest Gabrielle...

I simply cannot accept that my littlest one is already in her seventh year.  Remember when she was just a tiny chick that I could hold in my arms all day long?

I love the children's birthdays for two reasons.  

First, it is fun to have a great time and a delicious treat.  The flower pot above is Gooses special dish to share with her new friends at Wildflower Camp today.  It is filled with dirt pudding and gummy worms; along with a handmade sign of course!  I love glitter and swear to find more uses for it in my daily life.

Second, I love the reflection the day brings for me, as their Mother.  As I ran this morning thru Shelburne farms I laughed about how utterly enormous I was when pregnant and how terribly uncomfortable it was to grow this little tyke. Remembering the day she was born is always my fav butnot to worry, I will spare you all the details.  However, I will not spare the children over Birthday Dinner tonight.  I love to watch them giggle and squirm at the hilarity of the moment.  They think it is so funny..

Gabrielle, in you seventh year you are:
as kind as ever
full of joy
easy going
very funny
a lady for sure
a friend to others
willing to learn
a dear dear person all around 

Thank you for being all those things and so much more.  I wish for you a special day as you celebrate your life on the Earth, here with us.  I love that you love your family with such passion.  You bring a light into our household that we are all so appreciative of...even your loving brother.

xoxo - mom

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