Thursday, April 5, 2012

Table Make Over...

You know you have a good friend when you tell them you are planning to sand down a BLACK KITCHEN TABLE over the weekend and they show up at your door in scrubby clothes and some sandpaper... I mean seriously, that is super awesome... THANKS MEGHAN!!!

This was my other helper...  He seriously dug in and got a good chunk done!  I could not have gotten as far as I did without the two of them!

I mean, could this boy get any more handsome??

So with just the use of our hands and some gritty paper we managed to scrape mostly all of the hard core black lacquer off my old table!  I was looking for a bit of a cleaner, brighter, fresh(er) look!

Again with the pictures... I am not so good at putting down my sandpaper/paintbrush/DIY project tools for documentation... but here is the final result! 

I am thinking that better pictures will be taken when I no longer exist in a construction zone.  When the floors are in, the dust has settled (and been dusted), and life is simple once again...

But for now I am happy with a white table, even if it is sitting on my front porch!



  1. YIKES - without the use of power tools!?! Excellent job the old fashioned way. Love it!


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