Monday, April 2, 2012

April fools with a 10 year old boy...

The above photo showcases the 10 year olds best work from yesterday. 

A full cup of water with a string attached, perched on top of the bathroom door, string taped to the wall.  Waiting on its first victim. 

This is the big leagues people.

Yesterday I fell victim to these pranks, some of them several times.

Cabinets closed with rubber bands
Faucet taped.
Faucet side sprayer lever taped down.
Vaccum cleaner hose taped up.
Totally fell for the above trick hours after I discovered the first one.

Then, long after my prankster was tucked under his covers and away in dreamland, I lay my head down on the oh so soft pillow... so tired from a day of laboring, and fell victim one.more.time.  For there was no soft pillow to catch my weary head.  Instead, there was loud crunchy crumbled up paper disturbing my first moment of relaxation for the day  And I will not lie, at 11:30pm this was NOT FUNNY NOAH!!!

Only 364 days until I must endure April Fools day with an 11 year old...



  1. gotta love a kid who has great tricks up his sleeve! sorry, mom:D

  2. I love kids' April Fool's Day pranks. They are so funny!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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