Friday, April 13, 2012

I am...

So loving my new home.  It is super funky fresh and like nothing I have ever done before.  Pics coming up soon!

Having fun with Mister Witt listening to Fun. and putting together Ikea furniture.  Can you say tunkel fingal??  

Excited to pick my mom up from the train station tonight for a weekend visit of house touring, gardening, eating, and catching up!

Witnessing my Gabrielle really discover her fashion sense and laying out her outfits for the next day.  They all include layering, pattern mixing, and tons of accessories.  Fabulous.

Discovering the depths of Noah's hilarity that is sprinkled with 10 year old boy attitude.  He brings me from fiery anger to belly laughs in just seconds.  He is something else let me tell ya...

Truly grateful for all of my new neighbors who have embraced us despite the very loud power sander going from 3-6 every afternoon, the Lowes truck parked out front for way to long, the ghetto porch displaying all the following but not limited to :

tons of cardboard boxes
junky scooters
furniture items
power tools
and quite possible today, A TOILET.

You all have gone so far as to offer food, drink, don't sand that table and chair set without a mask here have mine, heavy lifting assistance, and smiles... tons of smiles.

Happy Friday!!!



  1. Hooray for great new neighbors who still like you in spite of your mess! Looking forward to seeing what you've done to the place!

  2. Looking forward to the pictures! X


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