Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gardening ain't for sissies....

and these girls rocked it, even if I did let them wear their flip flops!  I think Gabi was more excited about her gardening outfit and outfit accessories than the actual gardening.  I mean, who doesn't want to look their very best with a matching glove/shovel set when planting beautiful bushes... We were lucky to have neighbor friend Stella there to help out, she knows her way around a yard, let me tell ya!

She was not the only one though.  Grandma Mindy knew what to do what she saw my front porch flower beds looking oh so empty and sad.  
And get them early folks... for we scored six large bushes for a fraction of the cost! We chose Blushing Brides for just the right curb appeal against our barn red house... 

Now I am serious when I say gardening ain't for sissies.  There was no matching gloves and sparkly shovel set for me.  I dug a trench, with the help of GM, 15 feet across x 2 feet out x 3 feet down...I think.  Anyway, it was a lot and it was packed with cement and construction stuff and ROCK.  But not anymore.  It is now filled with beautful soil, organic compost, amazing hydrangea's, and perfect mulch.

Done and done.

And then afterward we had these...

Double double's (veggie of course), oven roasted fries, baked beans, amazing greens, and a pickle.  Because we deserved it!

Happy Spring!


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