Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Man Country

Matt has recently coined the term 'Man Country' in our house and it is now part of our everyday vernacular.

Wait... does everyday vernacular mean everyday language or everyday everyday language.  Is the everyday not necessary?  I just like how it sounds with it in there as opposed to leaving it out....

Speaking of words.  Mister Witt challenged me to a duel upon my use of a word he has not yet been familiarized with.  I think he secretly hates it when I know something he doesn't... It went as follows:

Me: Can you take down this horrible ceiling fan?  It is giving me agita.

Him: What did you just say? Um, I don't think that is a word.

Me:  Yes it is, it is totally a word

Him:  Get your phone out right now and check

Me agitation; anxiety.  That ceiling fan has to go it is giving me agita (dramatic I know...)

Him: look of disbelief that I knew a word that he was not yet aware of.

Me:  secretly loving that I am just a little bit smart even though Matt stumps me with a ton of words real AND made up ones...

Man Country looks like this...

 It is awesome to live in Man Country when you are a woman because suddenly all the jobs that are un fun and disgusting to do become Man Country jobs and it is lovely.  Also, new kitchen sinks get put in by men who have never put in new kitchen sinks before and it is super awesome to watch.

With that said...  I am terrified of power tools.  jeeeeez.  They are loud and dangerous and give me total agita.  And I have never been very good at prayer.  It usually goes like this (in my head):

Um, dear um... well... will you, well this is awkward... um. never mind.

However, I value my husbands life so much so that I placed my hands together (way in the other room) and pleaded:

Dear God please do not let my Mister hurt himself with that ridiculous tool. thanks.

and voila, a new sink in woman country.  the end.


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  1. Matt is the man for sure!!! Give him a big hug and tell him I've got his back ;-) xoxox


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