Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Above is a note I found on Gabrielle's desk... Now it sits on mine ;-)

Thinking about:  My new home decor vision.  Trying to live with one step at a time.  This means painting the walls and trim knowing that the floors and furniture and lamps and tables and accents will all compliment...EVENTUALLY. 

Anticipating:  The closing date for our new home to be scheduled so that I may feel more at ease and also order the new floor to be put in.  Then my walls will match my floor and I can walk around barefoot again.

Listening:  To reggae in the car with the sunroof open.  Bliss.

Eating:  Grilled lettuce.  My favorite food until CORN comes back.  Then I eat them together every.single.night.

Wishing:   That Nate Berkus would knock on my door and make my new home decor vision come true.

 ** thanks Danielle, for the Currently post HERE today ;-)



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Reggae in the car...yes! Nate Berkus at my door...absolutely! And if he shows up at your place first, just send him my way! Enjoy your day:D

  3. Yes please on the Nate at my door..
    yay on the new house.. can't wait to see how you'r vision becomes reality..

    1. I thought I would be so.much.better. at before and after pictures... but turns out I just want it done quickly so I lose the camera ;-) I should get better at that though... the joy is in the journey.



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