Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vegan Mexican...

I still cannot choose a favorite food genre.  I think when venturing out I prefer Japanese, always have.  Miso soup, cucumber salad, teryaki (one time chicken now strictly veggies), and warm green tea...Yes please!

But when I am cooking at home it is hands down Mexican fare. And upon the adventure of giving up all things dairy I shed a tear for cheddar in my burrito.  However, some time has passed and I have managed many successful cheese(less) dinners, and last night was one of the best!  I think the trick is piling on so much fresh goodness that the cheese becomes simply irrelevant.


layer as follows
Amy's organic re fried black beans
vegan sausage (b/c we always had sausage with our dip growing up, and the substitute is yummy and better for you)
black olives
fresh tomatoes
diced peppers

serve with chips to dip and delicious salsa!

Kids ate their entire plate, success!



  1. Yummmmm. I think the creaminess of the avocado makes up for "no cheese please".

  2. Yes! Avocado is a great sup for cheese, on veggie burgers as well!!

  3. Looks way better than the dinner served to the Taylor family this evening :)

  4. I've bookmarked this one to try! This will be great for my meatless dinners:D Enjoy your weekend!


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