Friday, December 30, 2011


How I miss you.

I have traded you for apples.

Feeling like:  a good Friday night with the Mister and the smaller mister in the house.

Wondering if:  it will snow enough to use my new awesome sled TUBE!

Anticipating: a very special anniversary of a very special day...tomorrow

Eating: warm oats with cinnamon and raisins in my new West Elm bowl that I love.

Reading: i wish i was reading... i am sewing instead.  i will read next week.

Wishing: the snow keeps coming...

Thankful:  for marriage.  mine has crested to a point I never imagined possible.  it is my most cherished part of this lifetime.

**and I am following a new blog these days HERE and I love it... linked up with her today, thanks for the fun post idea Chandra!!


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