Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Is small town liven' in the big city... well big suburb anyway!

I went from refusing coffee for all my twenty something years until my introduction to this slice of heaven.  Chloe's corner was across the street from my new fancy workplace and all the shop girls were always running over there.  I had been in a few times, mostly for their then famous HOMEMADE POP- TARTS, yes you heard me right.  But never had I tried their ice coffee.  When the girls swore by its magical powers to get you through a holiday shift I was willing, and for 50 cents what was there to lose.

My sanity.

There were days when I was not on the schedule to work and would drive the 30 miles from my own home (that had its own coffee maker) for one of these!

Then I met Alana.  Well I had been ordering coffee from her everyday for a good year and we became friendly.  It was like I lived in a little town and knew the locals ;-)  Then one day The Mister got hooked on the coffee and he too ordered from her.  Then one day he mentioned that he knew me and that we were a Misses and Mister...

And she about jumped over the counter.  So excited to know two of her regulars were in fact a pair.

And I love that story.

Now, for the second year in a row, we have walked in right after arriving in town, and she knows us.  She gives us hugs and buys us a coffee and asks how we are doing.

 And I adore her.

So good to see you this year, hope to see you next time!!



  1. This is one of the things I loved about growing up in the south...You always had a sense of community and friendly folks.

  2. New follower from Casey's page! We want to move up to North Carolina and live in a small town. We both grew up in a small(er) town and currently live in a bigger city.


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