Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best holiday weekend ever...

I simply love spending time in New York and I am so grateful to have the chance to spend this thankful holiday running amuck through its streets, showing the kids what livin' is all about!

Funny I say that because on Wednesday night the Mister, Grandma Mindy and I decided we would prefer to watch the parade on the tube and sip coffee in our pj's. 

say whaaaat?

Well, if you haven't heard, east coast weather has been anything but frightful.  So after a lovely snooze and a leisurely morning we thought we would venture out for a walk... to the parade, with no expectations, to be with the people... in the mix.

We ran into a lady in blue who slipped us thru some barricades onto a side street giving us a wonderful view of the balloons and an earshot of the band...

Can you say awesome? 

We did, for the next hour, as snoopy, Kung fu panda, spongebob, and spiderman drifted by!

  The kids were so excited that they blacked out in the car...

We spent our Turkey part of the day, not eating Turkey, but enjoying the most delicious dinner prepared by my very talented Aunt Sherry.  Her meals never cease to amaze and she had so many veggies on the table that I managed to stuff myself without stuffing a bird ;-)  

My favorite part... sitting at the table for hours after eating, talking and listening.

Thank you Mom, for having us to the City apartment and thank you Marc and Sherry for having us to dinner!!  Already looking forward to next year!

...and this was only the very first day


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